Insta Couple Crush Of The Week: A Beautiful Journey From Christian Courtship To Married Parents-To-Be

When Sopha and Anthony met in college, they were in no rush to fall in love. 

In fact, their relationship, which was rooted in their love of Christ, started off slow and they built it on a foundation of longlasting faith and a beautiful friendship. 

Fast forward to 2016 when the two tied the knot and made Black Twitter fall for their love when their gorgeous wedding photos went viral.

Now, the Rushes are awaiting the arrival of their first bundle of joy–a baby boy!–and say their life together couldn’t be more blessed. Catching them fresh off the babymoon of their dreams, we asked the couple about their journey from Christian courtship to married parents-to-be.

1. What made you decide to share your love with the gram?

I wanted to share our love on Instagram because I wanted others to see that you can have a healthy relationship. One that is centered around God, yet still understanding that we are human with imperfections.

2. What do your followers love most about your love story? What do you feel inspires them?

I believe what they love most about our love story is our authenticity. Just keeping it real and being transparent about our struggles & lessons we’ve learned through marriage and life. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but it’s been a pleasure growing through our differences. 

Love is a choice, not a feeling. It isn't just a matter of choosing to stay when things get difficult. It is a choice that we choose to love through the struggles, the storms, the hard times. And that choice cannot be made in the context of my feelings because let's be real those change every single day. Some days I'm all in my husband's face, not practicing my boundaries tehehe & other days, I find myself in my feelings because I didn't feel loved that day. I didn't communicate what I needed so it lead to misunderstandings. I expect my husband to know what I'm thinking, how I'm feeling, what I really need. In reality though, he's not a mind reader, he doesn't understand everything my mind thinks or how my heart feels. Every day is a new day that I am learning to plant seeds that will grow in our marriage, that will harvest into an abundance of fruit. That the lies my feelings try to tell me sometimes, will not take over the thoughts in my mind.  That's the beauty in marriage, you work together to grow together. Even when we don't feel like it, we still choose to love one another showing each other grace. Remember, feelings are temporary. They shouldn't dictate your relationship due to a few rough spots you may be going through. Take a step back, & take a few deep breaths. Remind yourself that all relationships have different issues, no relationship is perfect. You aren't alone, it's how you choose to resolve your problems that matters. Last thing: Do everything in love even when you don't feel like it. You are called to be Christ like. Not when you feel like it, not when it's convince for you. If it's worth it, you'll fight for it. @rushanthony ?: @firmanchor

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LETS BE REAL RIGHT QUICK. ? Relationships are never easy. They are processes that must be worked at every single day. It's just like banking. You must invest to see a profit. It took me a long time to understand that. Let me tell you. Marriage is just the same. My wife and I have times where we can argue for a majority of the day, but we never walk out on one another. We may get on each others nerves from time to time, but we never walk out on one another. I may say hurtful things from time to time. She may do things I don't understand. But we don't walk out on one another. The beautiful thing about marriage is the fact that it is two imperfect people coming together to live life as God intended them to. Full of love, sacrifice, selflessness, and community. Do we do that all the time? HECK NO, but everyday God blesses us with another chance to strive towards it, and that's what we'll do. Whatever you love, put your all into it and you will see the benefits flow. To my lovely one @livedeeplyrooted I thank you for being a woman of love and selflessness where ever you go. You already know what it is, I'll bust heads for you. In the name of Jesus of course lol ? #ImAManOfGodButIAintNoPunk #MyWifeIsBadGodIsGood #LoveOneAnother

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  3. Is there anything you’ve decided together NOT to share? Why?

We haven’t really shared much at about our pregnancy. We share so much with everyone, we wanted to keep all the special moments between us. We share updates because our son is a blessing, but I’ve been lowkey with this pregnancy. It’s been such a beautiful experience together without everyone’s opinions. 

4. Share one of your most liked photos together and a funny story behind the photo!

The most liked photo we have together was a picture we shared on the gram was us sitting in a tree like it’s normal for people lol We found this tree that we were both able to climb, set up our tripod and began shooting. At the time though, we didn’t know I was expecting our first child. I was climbing and jumping from the tree like it was nothing. I’m glad there was no harm in the making behind these picture-perfect squares for the gram.    

Quality time has been something that we've been focusing more on this year. Not just that being in the same room, same house kind of time, but being more intentional with the time spent together off our phones & in each other's faces asking each other questions, how we are doing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Those questions that seem to go under the radar because routine happens & life seems to become repetitive. Guilty??‍♀️ Being more intentional, (seriously my word for 2018 & the rest of my life) digging deeper than "How was your day?" "How was work?" "You eat?" "Are you hungry?" But really taking the time to hear his heart, listen more than I speak which is hard for me, & being intentional with his love languages. Putting down the phone, computer, or book in my case & never stop learning about him because that doesn't stop once you get married. I promise I'm learning something new about him everyday lol The letters, long texts, flowers, & support doesn't end either. Only putting more effort in not becoming comfortable & forgetting to do the things you once did because you have them. The pursuing doesn't end sorry. But each day spent making each other a priority, & valuing our time together allows us to pour into one another so we can continue to have something to pour into others. Make quality time important in any relationship even if you're long distance. Get creative, make it fun & exciting. Do more of what makes you both happy when spending time together. Time together is a gift, it's never promised. @rushanthony

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5. How did you meet and fall in love?

I met my husband in college. We both were attending Lincoln Christian University, both athletes and on fire for God. We became good friends from the beginning and later turned into best friends. We just had a connection that bonded us and led us to intentionally dating for marriage. 

6. What’s the glue that makes your love stick?

The glue that makes our love stick is our relationship with God. I know I talk about God so much, but it’s the truth. He’s the foundation that has been holding us down from the jump. When life gets rough, and we don’t understand anything, we can rely on God for the strength to make it through whatever it may be from a death of a loved one to financial struggles, to new changes that you can’t really prepare for. God has not only been our strength, but also our comforter and healer. When we keep God first, things are put into a different perspective. 

I can remember the nights we used to stay up way too late & talk on the phone. We would just be talking about nothing and everything at the same time. You would share your dreams about the future, and I would just smile and picture myself being a part of it. I can also recall the times we found ourselves enjoying each other's company as we spent time studying the Bible together. From there lead to prayers & deep discussions about our past. I learned so much about you as I'm sure you did the same with me. It was those nights that allowed me to see your vulnerability, a glimpse into your heart. You showed me the value of trust. How to let go of things weighing down my soul, as I found it allowed me to discover how much freedom it gave me. You allowed this healing of my heart, not to hinder you from getting to know me, but stayed around to uncover hidden layers I was afraid to show. You protected me through your gentle words, your loving spirit & patience. I can't thank you enough for being a part of my growth. Ladies, when it comes to someone you can potentially see yourself marrying, ask yourself will he guard your heart? Will he challenge you intellectually, encourage you spiritually? Protect you physically? Can you see God in him? Whatever you do, don't settle or compromise yourself for the security of not thinking no one will ever love you the way you deserved to be loved. Be careful trying to play house & giving him all these wifey benefits when he hasn't put a ring on your finger. Why would he need to if he already has everything from you and more without marriage? Something to think about. For those who are in a season of waiting, keep pursing after God, fully giving him your full attention. When the time is right, he will see fit to give you the man of your dreams. Don't lose hope, just trust God knows what you want, but will provide what you need at this time. He's preparing you for something bigger than yourself even if it doesn't result in marriage. Just know he won't ever fail you no matter your circumstances. @rushanthony ?: @erinktrimble

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7. Pass on the love: Who’s your IG couple crush and why?

Definitely @beleaf and @mrsmelanin. They have been such an inspiration watching the way they love their family and each other. They are really down to earth and they are funny. I love watching their videos on Youtube with my husband and seeing their community grow over the years. 

8. What do you believe is unique/most inspiring about your love story?

I believe the most inspiring thing about our love story is our testimony to wait until marriage. We wanted to not only honor our relationship but do things God’s way. Was it always easy, no, but we knew that the reward for our faithfulness and obedience, would be honored by God.

9. If your love story was an Instagram caption, what would it be?

Just two imperfect people, striving to be more like Christ. 

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