Instagram account mocks ridiculous OSHA violations

Safety second — unintentionally funny viral videos first.

The Instagram account @osha_is_this_ok has racked up more than 650,000 followers with its curated feed of flagrant violators of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s most basic workplace guidelines.

There’s videos of cruise ships overturning cranes, cherry pickers in strange places, workers swinging from barely secured platforms in gale-strength winds, collapsed scaffolding galore and countless other breaches of regulation protocol.

“I started this account to get back at a company that had wrongly laid me off,” the anonymous creator, who describes himself as a 37-year-old “blue collar worker, out on the field,” tells The Post via email.

“I felt the need to bring more awareness to the job site hazards. What has kept me going has been the responses of workers that tell me they’re thinking twice about the task at hand.”

The account, launched in 2014, is mostly composed of graphic material by nature, but its creator has limits. “Children getting hurt at job sites is off limits for me,” he says.

The account also has its own merch store, where fans can buy “OSHA Offender” T-shirts and “Do Your Best & Caulk the Rest,” stickers.

Crane operator and millwright Greg Kilpatrick was inspired by the account to create his own similar one, @oshaisthissafe. It currently has 14,900 followers.

“We relish in the opportunity to call out those safety violators,” the 32-year-old tells The Post. “To be totally honest, I don’t know OSHA rules as I’m actually a canucklehead,” says the British Columbian, referring to the fact that he’s Canadian. His account’s content has gotten him banned from the platform, and Facebook, numerous times.

“I’ve been in Facebook jail for six months,” he says.

BTW: The real OSHA does not have its own Instagram, and links on its website to the US Labor Department’s Instagram, which has just 5,700 followers.

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