This is what your Instagram pose says about you

Sending a message to your fans is as easy as posting a photo if you’re a celebrity, but their Instagram snap could reveal more about themselves than they realize.

While some prefer a candid “plandid” shot (see below), others prefer a daily pouting selfie, but little do they know that the pose they choose could be an indication of exactly the kind of day they’re having.

We asked top body language expert, Traci Brown, to tell us whether the most popular celebrity poses have a hidden meaning.

The plandid poser

The plandid pose has become super popular in the last year and it’s a go-to for stars like Olivia Buckland and Lucy Watson.

A hybrid of “planned” and “candid” (genius work), the snap is supposed to be an artfully arranged shot that makes it look like the celeb has just accidentally been snapped. You know, in a super natural way, of course.

“These photos are really significant as they’re very sexual,” says Brown.

“They work to extend the side of their neck and or legs and highlight areas so that they’re received by men to heighten sexual attraction.”

Considering both of these snaps got so many likes, it’s definitely working — but the idea of pretending to be snapped unaware does seem a little insecure to us.

The Bambi

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

If someone had to take ownership for the Bambi craze, it would have to be the Kardashians.

But once they start something, everyone does it. Right, Elsa Hosk?

Posing like bambi in the woods; in an innocent, “kneel on your folded legs way” is currently trending, but what does it say about you?

“They are working to look cute,” reveals our expert, “and maybe to look even slightly childlike with their legs.

“However, they’re contrasting it with a pouty face which gives them the dichotomy between innocence and sexiness.

“They know they look good but they don’t want you to think they tried too hard.”

The T-Rex

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Why is there something oddly flattering about posing with your hand in this claw shape?

We’re not sure but Jourdan Dunn has made it look pretty damn good and so has Zendaya.

It’s all about “owning it” and exuding confidence, according to Brown.

“The detail is in their fingers,” she adds. “Fingers spread apart can show more ownership so I think this is more than they’re owning their own look and loving how they look.”

The straddle

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This is the beach pose of the summer.

Celebs love the straddle because of its flattering qualities (namely a flat stomach), oh and nothing screams “I’m on holiday” more.

However, the significance of the pose is to do with flaunting your sexuality.

“As we grow up, we’re taught to close our legs, but obviously in these photos, it’s not the case,” says Brown.

“They want to highlight their sexuality. This is the pose that says ‘look how sexy I am.’”

The “pull me” pout

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Where would the world be without the famous pout? Honestly, Lauren Goodger and Kylie Jenner would be lost.

This pose is made for seductive selfies and it’s all about sex.

“Slightly enlarged lips and pouting with your mouth open or closed give anyone the appearance of high sexual arousal, this is done intentionally to show how they’re confident in their look.

“However, it can also be about hiding some insecurities about their looks, as a more relaxed face would be a more confident approach.”

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