‘Islam has no place for those bent on destruction – they truly belong in hell’

I went to bed thinking the London Bridge attacker was a mental health patient or a Far Right extremist and woke to the news that not only he was a convicted terrorist out on licence but shared the same heritage as me, a British-born Pakistani.

  • London Bridge terrorist 'plotted revenge for death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi'

  • London Bridge attacker said Jobseeker's Allowance could fund terror camps

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London Bridge terror attack

  • All we know about Usman Khan
  • Hero is murderer who slit woman's throat
  • Survivor says pal 'died in his arms'
  • Man grabbed 5ft narwhal tusk to fight
  • Attacker shot 5 minutes after 999 call 
  • Attacker named as Usman Khan
  • Hero 'did what anyone would do'
  • Usman Khan was on jail release

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