It takes so much persuading to get my wife to have sex with me and even then it's not great

We have sex just a couple of times a year. She seems to tease me by flashing her breasts when undressing but then she disappears into the bathroom.

She is 38 and I am 44. She never hugs me or sits close. I have to say, “I love you,” first. Sex, when it does happen, is not pleasurable.

I feel I will have to leave her if I am to have any sort of affection at all. Even if she says she will try harder, I’ll think she is doing it because she needs me financially.

Even my children seem to reject me. If I try to hold their hands when we are out, they pull away from me.

DEIDRE SAYS: You sound very bitter and your children sense the tension between you and their mum.

When you two sort out your problems, they will relax.

Tell your wife you love her and say how much you miss physical closeness.

Ask her how she thinks you can get closer again. My e-leaflet Has She Gone Off Sex? will help.

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