‘It’s going to be really beautiful:’ construction for new Moncton YMCA is underway

The land where Moncton’s new YMCA facility will sit on has been almost completely cleared.

“We’ve been working on grubbing the area, which is basically getting the roots and getting the soil prepared,” says Zane Korytko, the CEO of YMCA of Greater Moncton. “At the start of next week, we’re so excited… We’re actually going to be in the ground pouring the foundation.”

Korytko says the big step was getting land cleared out so major work can be done during the summer and fall season.

“Come the winter next year, we’ll be doing all the interior work,” he says. “Our aim is to be open for September of 2020.”

The federal and provincial governments are kicking in $4-million each, while the City of Moncton is contributing around $6-million of which will go towards extending Twin Oaks Drive.

The YMCA is covering $3-million off the price tag.

Zane Korytko, the CEO of the YMCA of Greater Moncton, says the new north end community centre is expected to be ready by September 2020

Residents are looking forward to the addition of the 35,000 square foot facility in the community.

“I’m actually quite pleased that it’s going to be in the neighbourhood,” says Matthew Yorke, who lives near the construction site.

“I’m a little bit sad to see our trees go away; it was fun to walk around there and explore with the kiddos, but this is going to be pretty good too,” he adds.

“Just starting off here, there’s a little bit of truck traffic and you see the construction guys going back and forth, but that’s part of the operation start up here,” says neighbour Robert Smith. “But, I think once it gets going and it’s all built, I think the neighbourhood is going to enjoy the fact that we have a YMCA in our backyard; I think it will be a great, good news story.”

Korytko says the project has been in the works for nearly two decades and is excited that it’s finally coming to fruition.

The new satellite facility, which will operate along with the YMCA of Greater Moncton on War Veterans Avenue, will be home to a gym and fitness area, a universal change room, walking track, indoor splash pad and more.

The YMCA promised a 15-meter tree buffer for residents.

As for what’s been cleared out off Fisher Street, Korytko says the area will be landscaped once work is completed.

“It’ll be landscaped and it’s going to be really, really beautiful,” he says. “Trees, bushes, flowers, wild grass… All sorts of things that the landscapers have dreamt up for us.”

The opening of the facility is expected to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the YMCA of Greater Moncton.

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