Ivanka Trump's Whispery Voice Is Triggering Twitter

Parents of toddlers are well aware of the term “indoor voice,” and some think Ivanka Trump takes it to a new level with her whispery voice. In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Trump spoke to the hosts — and Twitter erupted.

The eldest daughter of Donald Trump taped an interview this week to defend herself against the latest White House email scandal, and it wasn’t the content of the talk as much as the talk itself which got the attention of Twitter, says Yahoo! Entertainment. Trump was even more soft-spoken than usual, and Twitter was triggered bright and early for the morning show.

“Thank you in advance to whoever has the stomach to live tweet Ivanka on @GMA this morning. Way too early in the day for me to endure #KremlinBarbie’s baby voice and righteous indignation,” said account @socflyny.

Others tried to understand the psychology behind using an allegedly affected voice when talking about potential criminal activity.

“Oh Using her sweet little girl voice! Awe how Adorable! NO IVANKA WE SEE THROUGH YOUR “I am so innocent bc I do Nothing Wrong”. PLEASE! YOU COMMITTED A WORSE ACT, YOUR E-MAILS WERE UNSECURED! YOU COMMITTED AN ILLEGAL ACT! LOVE YOUR DECEMBER IVANKA, JANUARY IS A KNOCKING!” another user opined.

Other Twitter users believed that Trump is adopting an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) voice to distract from the content in an almost hypnotic way, calling her speech “word salad.” The first daughter smiled as she explained that the chant “lock her up” has nothing to do with her, it’s just a simple misunderstanding, and that she is very busy besides.

The message from some Twitter users to Ivanka is clear — they don’t like her “new” voice.

“Apparently Ivanka Trump thinks if she says ‘Lock her up’ does not apply to her in her most breathy voice, we will all be swayed by her sexy style. News alert: it only works with daddy, Ivanka,” one user commented.

Refinery29 says that when one compares Ivanka’s voice from her days on Celebrity Apprentice with the voice that she’s using now, there has been a noticeable change. Experts believe it’s a combination of voice coaching and a personal choice to give off the vibe that everything is wonderful.

Patti Wood, a voice and body language expert, says that Trump has practiced exerting energy within a whisper.

“This interview was very well-rehearsed and she had her talking points prepared. Her delivery was fascinating because she was indignant. There was a lot of energy behind it. We haven’t seen that aspect of her before.”

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