Jake Miller Cheers Up Kids At Children’s Hospital In Moving ‘Be Alright’ Video — Watch

This will make your day. HollywoodLife is EXCLUSIVELY premiering Jake Miller’s video for ‘Be Alright.’ Jake sings to patients at a children’s hospital and reveals why this song is so important to him.

Jake Miller, 25, is truly the best. His music video for “Be Alright” will warm your heart and then some. The video was filmed at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. He performs for kids fighting medical battles and makes them smile. In addition to singing, Jake spends time coloring, giving high fives, and donates $50,000 to the hospital.

“Be Alright” is such a inspiring song. Jake’s visit to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles really highlights what this song is all about: no matter what happens, you’re going to be alright. The music video shows that Jake made such an impact on these kids’ lives. They’ll never forget his kindness. Be sure to watch the video from start to finish and check out a Q&A below!

What does the song mean to you?
Jake Miller: This song is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. I wrote it at a time in my life where I actually needed it just as much as anyone else listening to it. It was very therapeutic to write and I smile every time I hear or perform the song.

What was your inspiration to write this song?
Jake Miller: Just like everyone, I got through a lot of ups and a lot of downs. Every day is different. A lot of people might let that drive them crazy, but if you take a step back and take a breath, you realize how easy it is to turn everything around and be happy. Everything will always work itself out.

What was your inspiration behind the concept/direction of the video and the location in which it takes place?
Jake Miller: I wanted to shoot this music video in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles because I wanted to perform this song for people who needed to hear it. As a sick hospital patient, things can get very dark. Sometimes just 1 simple song can lighten their whole day.

Describe the sound of the song/video in three words
Jake Miller: Dreamy, inspiring, positive.

If you could accomplish one thing with the song, what would it be?
Jake Miller: I hope that people realize that as long as you have yourself, you will always be ok.

Do you have a personal connection to cancer (know anyone, been affected by it, etc?)
Jake Miller: I have had multiple family members pass away from cancer. My dad is in medicine so I’ve also been around sick patients my whole life. But this song is way broader than just sickness. This song is for anyone who feels stuck in life. No one is ever stuck. You can always turn your attitude around and make the best out of any situation.

Why did you choose CHLA?
Jake Miller: I choose CHLA because I’ve spent so much time visiting hospitals and performing for patients but never in LA. Now that I live in LA, I wanted to make a personal connection to the hospital and hopeful come back many more times to visit patients.

Any special stories you were moved by / felt connected to when you spoke to the kids you visited?
Jake Miller: There was this one girl named Addy who made me smile for 3 hours straight. Regardless of her sickness, she was smiling and dancing the entire time. That’s the entire point of this song.

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