James Maslow: ‘All Day’ Is Just The Start Of The ‘Second Chapter Of My Music Career’

Get ready, James Maslow fans. His new song ‘All Day’ is just the beginning. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with the singer about the inspiration behind the track, the “sexy” music video coming up, and more!

James Maslow is ready for the next stage of his music career. He just realized his new single “All Day,” a super sexy track that’s perfect for summer. The former Big Time Rush singer chatted with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the “second chapter” of his music career.

While the “All Day” music video is going to be sexy, it’s not going to be “in your face.” James is going for a much more subtle approach, which he finds to be even sexier. He also dished about who he’d like to collaborate with in the future, and it’s someone from his Nickelodeon family! Check out our Q&A below!

What was the inspiration behind the song?
James Maslow: With “All Day,” I really just wanted to talk about something that everyone could relate to. You know, it’s funny. One of my biggest pet peeves, call me a little bit old-fashioned, is having conversations only over texts. The idea with “All Day” is really, like, if I’m talking to a girl, I can do this all day if we need to, as long as at some point we can meet up and do this in person. That’s really what the song is saying in a fun and sexy way. It’s turned out to be one of my favorites songs I’ve ever released. It’s a really beautiful way to start the second chapter of my music career.

Do you have more songs coming up?
James Maslow: There’s definitely going to be more songs. I’m looking at this as kind of the beginning of an EP or an LP but it’s going to be spread out over at least the course of a year or maybe longer. There’s just no rush these days. We have a whole trajectory for “All Day” for a while. We’re working on the music video now. We’re going to have most likely a Latin version of it and a few remixes are already in the works. I have some really cool ideas for live performances. I feel like we’re just getting started with this, and I really want the world to hear “All Day” first.

The song is very sexy. Is the music video going to be just as sexy?
James Maslow: The concept of the music video so far is let’s have a sexy video, of course, but that doesn’t mean it has to be done in a blatant way or an overt way, if you will. To me, I kind of relate this to my favorite thrillers. The scariest movies for me are psychological movies, where you don’t necessarily see the action going on, but you see the shadow or the knife. It’s the same thing with a sexy music video. We don’t necessarily have to have a sex scene to make this a sexy music video, but we’re going to have some beautiful close-ups of bodies moving and of lips and hands and put it in the mind of anyone else to create what that means for them. So the visuals will be fun and beautiful, the single art is kind of a hint at how we’re going to do the storylines. Mine is going to very film noir with a red tint, while Dominique is going with a blue tint. Expect sexy but don’t expect anything that’s in your face.

How did Dominique get involved?
James Maslow: She was one of the writers of the song, and initially it was just the demo singer. We were looking for another artist and not sure if we were going to do a Latin version first because I have a big fanbase down there. The original track had a much more Latin vibe to it. So we just kept talking about it and eventually we were like, what’s the point? Why don’t we put it out here first where I live? We can do pop-up shows and press and lead Dom on it because it sounds so damn good.

You’ve done both acting and music, but would you say that music is your first love?
James Maslow: I’m lucky to still be doing both. I’ve got a film coming out next month, and I’ll be filming a great WWII period piece this summer. I think I’ll always do both. I think finding a balance might be tricky at some points, but music, to me, is so much more personal because I can control the entire aspect. I can go to my studio day or night and just start something from scratch. Then when I go and perform it live, it’s just so much more personal. With a film, there’s hundreds of people that need to come together to execute it, which is beautiful in and of itself, but it’s such a different process. With music, it’s just me and a guitar or a piano. Music is probably where my heart lies more.

Are there any artists you’d love to work with in the future?
James Maslow: There are so many artists I would love to collaborate with. Ariana Grande and I grew up on Nickelodeon together. She’s one of my favorite voices of this entire generation. I saw her mom on a flight the other day. One day, it would be really cool to do something with her.

What’s something that you still want to prove to yourself?
James Maslow: Every time I reach a goal, I set a new one. For me, this is really the start of a new chapter in starting over individually as an actor and as a musician. Something I really want to accomplish is getting back on the road and touring with just my music. That’s something I can do and take with me for the rest of my life. At the end of Big Time Rush, as amazing as it was, it was such a great experience overall, my mind always went to I can do this with my music and do this for the rest of my life.

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