James Read reveals his top ten at-home tanning tips

Bid farewell to orange streaks! Tanning expert shares genius hacks for getting a PERFECT at-home glow, and reveals why frozen peas and a wooden spoon will help you to avoid any disasters

  • EXCLUSIVE: James Read, who is from London, shared different techniques that will make your life easier when you’re self tanning
  • One of his tricks includes dusting talcum powder on sweat-prone areas of the body to prevent white spots
  • He also suggests placing a tanning mitt on a wooden spoon to reach your back and other tough to reach spots
  • Rub a frozen bag of peas over your legs to close up your pores and prevent them from clogging

For many people, at-home tanning is a key part of a summer beauty routine, allowing you to avoid sun damage while maintaining a golden glow throughout the warmer months – and even into the winter. 

But while DIY tanning is ideal for those who want a UV-free summer complexion, the process is not without its difficulties – and can often lead to all manner of streaky, orange disasters when not done correctly.   

From patchy knees and elbows to brown splodges in between your fingers, it can be tricky to get anything near to a natural look at home – which is why tanning expert James Read has stepped in to share a series of handy tips and tricks to help you avoid any DIY disasters this summer. 

In an exclusive video for DailyMail.com, he shares his favorite self-tan hacks, revealing how to avoid patchy legs with a bag of frozen peas, and how to get an all-over glow by using a wooden spoon… 

Tanning tips: Just in time for spring, tanning expert James Read shared his top tips for getting a natural tan at-home

The 24 hour rule

James said always remember to shave, wax and exfoliate 24 hours before you tan yourself so your skin is like ‘a fresh canvas’ and you’re ready to tan.

If you wait until right before you tan, it may irritate the skin and lead to unwanted blotchiness.  

Never forget the dry areas

Staying moisturized is key and James says not to forget that just before you tan moisturize the hands, the feet, the elbows, the knees and any other super dry area.

‘This will stop the tan from clinging in these areas,’ he states. 

Frozen peas to the rescue

In one of the weirder tanning techniques, James suggests that before you tan your legs go to the freezer and get a packet of frozen peas out.

Rub them over the legs first to seal your pores and then continue rubbing the bag of frozen peas over the rest of your body to close the pores so they don’t get clogged with formula. 

Put your paws up! British-born James shares a variety of tips, including a handy hack for avoiding orange streaks in between the fingers

Oh dear: Orange streaked hands are one of the tell-tale signs of a fake tan fail

Get out the wooden spoon

One genius trick he had for getting tough areas tanned it using a wooden spoon when it comes to tanning the back.

James said put a tanning mitt on a wooden spoon, wrap an elastic band around it and then you’re ready to tan your back using a makeshift tool.

Show us your Gaga claws

James joked that in order to avoid getting wonky tan lines on your hands, show off your Gaga claws. 

‘When it comes to tanning the hands, don’t forget to do the Gaga claw to get into the creases,’ he says as he holds his hand up like a claw with all of his fingers spread out showing the area you should tan. 

Dry in a flash

If you’re in a rush and need to dry off quicker than usual, James confessed there’s a way you can dry off super quick.

‘I always recommend after you tan, use your hairdryer to speed up drying time,’ he said. 

Talcum? No sweat!

There are certain areas on the body that are just prone to sweat and to avoid any spotting from sweat, James advises talcum powder.  

‘After you tan get some talcum powder, dust it under the armpits, around the breast area and the back of the legs. This will stop the tan from sweating off.’

Golden: According to James, there are a variety of ways to ensure that your tan look natural, including closing the pores by rubbing your skin with a bag of frozen peas

White lip be gone

After you tan your face is one of the scariest moments because every move you make can impact the way your tan comes out.  

‘A good trick for after you tan the face is to drink with a straw. This will stop you from getting the white top lip,’ James said of the white top lip that could be caused if you drink something.

Never forget your SPF

The sun as well as the water can effect your spray tan because it can lead to unusual tan lines, streaks and lines 

‘When you’re on vacation use a waterproof SPF and this will protect you from the chlorine and the sea salt,’ James said. 

Refresh, glow and go

Lastly, when it comes to tanning the face James suggests using his multi-purpose H2O Tan Mist, ($31) which he says is perfect ‘for that flawless looking skin.’

James designed the product to work under or over makeup, SPF and moisturizer which is amazingly easy.

Plus, the mist is lightweight and when sprayed will gradually give you a tan in the coming days.  

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