Japanese Vending Machine That Sells Fresh Pizzas Is a Game-Changer

Vending machines these days are good for more than just a soda and bag of chips. In fact, a vending machine in Hiroshima, Japan, actually has the ability to dispense a thin-crust pizza fresh from the oven!

The machine, which is aptly called Pizza Self, operates 24 hours a day and dispenses made-to-order personal margherita and four-cheese pies for less than $12. The margherita pizza costs about $8.83, while its cheesier counterpart retails for around $11.56. Both pies also come with a pizza cutter, so there’s no waiting to enjoy the meal.

According to Tokyo-based outlet SoraNews24, once a customer selects what type of pizza they want and pays for it, the machine makes the pie and dispenses it, in a box, about five minutes later. Not surprisingly, the fresh-made pizza smell that wafts from the machine reportedly attracts crowds to the area. Customers are also given a bag to take the pizza home in.

What’s more? The Pizza Self apparatus is located in front of a local video and CD rental store, meaning you can get dinner and movie in a matter of minutes!

Though Japan has been home to vending machines that dispense foods such as hamburgers, gyoza, and curry rice for years, this is the first vending machine in the country that sells pizza. Grape reports the machine is painted red, white and green – the colors of the Italian flag – and is located in a row of vending machines that sell drinks.

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