Jason Is Live-Tweeting ‘The Bachelorette’ & It Is Everything

We’ve reached that point in this Bachelorette season when everyone has truly started to snoop through the remaining contestants’ social media hoping for clues about their lives post-show. There are only three men left in the running to end up with Becca at the finale, so we’ll know all the juicy details of the end soon enough, but for now, let’s speculate about what Jason is doing after The Bachelorette.

His social media is kind of an enigma in terms of his daily life, but he’s required to keep the mystery alive, so it’s unsurprising that there aren’t spoilers being flaunted around everywhere on his feed. What he can divulge is characteristically adorable — he’s hanging with his nephews, thanking his whole family for being such a support system for him throughout The Bachelorette and during the hometown visits in particular, and acting as a groomsman for his pals’ weddings.

When Becca surprised Jason with his friends’ visiting, it was clear that he’s close with his circle, and he also seemed to be tight with his family when Becca hit Buffalo with him last week, so it makes sense that he’s got no shortage of people to spend time with after the show. Whether he’s celebrating a new engagement, perhaps, or leaning on them after heartbreak, he’s definitely not alone.

He’s pretty active on Twitter, often live-tweeting the show along with the rest of us like all the best Bachelor Nation cast members do. That’s offered some insight on how much he bonded with some of the other guys on the show, so here’s hoping they still keep in touch. In one tweet, he called the recently departed, too cool for school Wills his "sound board and horseman," adding that he’s been a "great friend" to him throughout the entire run of the show.

Another interesting tidbit about Jason’s life after the show — he’s apparently friends with Rob Gronkowski, the super-famous tight end for the New England Patriots. Jason tweeted that the two were working out together, and apparently documented the whole thing on his Instagram story. They’re also in a photo together at a charity event the two attended in late June.

I have so many questions. Google tells me Gronkowski is from just outside Buffalo, New York, which is Jason’s hometown, and they’re both 29 years old. Are they life-long friends? Did they go to high school together? Did the NFL suitors like Colton and Clay ever play against him? Are any of the other guys secretly best friends with famous people? The world may never know.

Apparently, he’s also following along with how many times Becca has referred to him as the best kisser of the group — it’s been quite a few — and so has his mom.

There are only a few more precious moments left with Becca and Jason onscreen before she makes her final decision, and it’ll be hard to say goodbye to him, whether she picks him or not. He’s laid pretty low this season, avoiding a lot of the drama and outburst-prone personalities that made other guys the focus earlier in the journey. So he has a real shot.

It’s made him come off as a chill dude who could actually be husband material for someone as laid-back as Becca, and though he’s not the only one to exude that kind of vibe this season, he does seem to be the most easygoing guy who still remains. He’s been more guarded with his feelings than others have been, which makes it seem like he’s actually taken his time and come around to realistic possibilities. But as we near the finale, only time will tell what Jason’s life after The Bachelorette is truly like.

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