Jay Barbeau: Oregon Man Accused Of Breaking Woman’s Arm With His Bare Hands In Road Rage Incident

Barbeau allegedly took exception to the woman pulling in front of him.

An Oregon man is behind bars after a brutal road rage incident in which he allegedly broke a woman’s arm with his bare hands, The Oregonian is reporting. Jay Allen Barbeau, 49, faces multiple felony counts for the incident that took place late last week.

One of the victims, Megan Stackhouse, said that she and her fiancée, Lucinda Mann, had left a carnival last Friday when they found themselves in heavy traffic. As they reached a roundabout in Bend, Stackhouse attempted to merge her Kia into traffic and, in the process, pulled in front of a truck driven by Barbeau.

So incensed was Barbeau at being cut off, according to Stackhouse, that he began gunning the engine of his truck and tailgating the women. At certain points, he was so close behind them that they women couldn’t even see his license plates or headlights.

Eventually, Stackhouse pulled over at another roundabout to allow Barbeau to pass them. However, rather than pass them, Barbeau, described as a “hulking, 245-pound man” allegedly jumped out of his truck and ran towards the women’s vehicle. He then allegedly punched out the rear window and a rear tail light – with his bare fist – and then rushed towards the driver’s side window.

Stackhouse says that Barbeau then grabbed her arm through the driver’s side window and bent it until it snapped, according to Fox News.

“It was a compound fracture.”

He then allegedly began repeatedly punching her in the face, breaking her glasses in the process.

Mann says that she ran to where Barbeau was to try to put an end to the attack, but the much larger man allegedly threw her to the concrete, knocking her unconscious and causing a concussion.

A female passenger in Barbeau’s truck urged him to leave the scene, according to witnesses. Unfortunately for Barbeau, however, police had arrived before he could get very far.

The women were taken to nearby hospitals where they were treated for their injuries. They’ve both spent the last few days recovering, according to Stackhouse.

“We’ve basically been asleep.”

She also believes this situation could have turned out much worse.

“What would have happened if he had a gun?”

As for Barbeau, he’s been charged with reckless driving, first-degree criminal mischief, fourth-degree assault, and three counts of second-degree assault, according to The Bend Bulletin. He remains jailed without bond. According to police records, Barbeau had no prior criminal convictions in Oregon, though it is not clear if he’s had any criminal conviction elsewhere.

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