Jeffree Star Statement Manny Mua Apology Video, Response

Jeffree Star made his thoughts on Manny MUA‘s recent apology pretty clear by liking several shady tweets calling the video “irrelevant” and saying it shows the 27-year-old’s “sociopathic narcissism.” But still, people have been asking the 32-year-old for an official statement on the situation, and we honestly don’t blame them. JS clearly doesn’t like his former bestie, but he’s never actually explained what went down between the two of them.

Instead of writing an in-depth analysis of the apology, Jeffree tweeted a link to a fan’s lengthy statement that he says “sums up [his] thoughts.” And — spoiler alert!!!! — they’re not good.

The person basically calls Manny out for being a bully and not apologizing until after he was exposed for being a “toxic person” by once-BFF Gabriel Zamora. Here’s the full Twitter note penned by @6clipse and supported by JS:

“Gabriel’s own narrative? You definitely spoke sh*t about Jeffree behind his back. So it’s your influence. You didn’t want to bully Jeffree? Just because you don’t talk about him on the internet doesn’t mean that what you say behind his back isn’t just as hurtful. You also don’t give credit where it’s due (only decided to after sh*t got too real). Stop saying everything is miscommunication. You didn’t know how Jeffree and Patrick [Starrr] felt? As if it hasn’t been abundantly clear. If you really gave a sh*t about how they felt you would’ve been able to see that they were hurt.”

“Gabriel isn’t even the one who genuinely scarred Jeffree yet he was able to rectify his situation and understand what happened. Interesting how you only try and ‘better things’ after Gabriel makes a video on your true nature. You only do things when it affects you. How the f*ck could you have been so shady but say you loved them? You say you’re sorry but you’re only apologizing after being exposed. You said it’s your fault for miscommunication/pride and you KNEW it. Why did you still have to be so petty?

I can’t believe a thing you say, Manny. You know why? Because your behavior is toxic. Toxic people lie and make excuses. Toxic people hurt others and hide behind a persona. Toxic people can’t communicate and are often bullies (and yes, you did bully, if not publicly). Toxic people don’t apologize when they should, only when they absolutely need to. I can’t forgive you right now, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to. I wonder if you’ll change and truly understand how to be a good person. If you don’t, you’ll only end up hurting yourself and EVERYONE around you. Just like you are doing now.”

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