Jenelle Evans Responds To Backlash After Pig Video With David Eason Goes Viral: ‘I Wasn’t Hiding Nothing’

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with the HollywoodLife podcast, Jenelle Evans revealed that she’s not letting the latest criticism of David Eason get to her.

While on the HollywoodLife podcast, Jenelle Evans, 27, defended her husband David Eason after he appeared to move a pig by its hind legs in one of her Instagram Live videos. “Yeah, people are mad at David about that,” she told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Well, and also because I was taking a live video, and I took a live video for like five seconds, and I shut it off cause I was like, ‘Ooh, I’m gonna actually start filming this in landscape mode on my phone and I’m gonna use this for a YouTube video.’

While some fans have claimed that she turned off her Live video because of the pig-dragging incident, Jenelle is saying that this is just not the case. “So, they thought I was trying to hide something cause I got on live and got off,” she added. “But, no. And I tell them, I’m like, ‘No, the YouTube video will come out soon. Just wait for it.’ If I have to reply I try to make a negative into a positive, kinda like, you know, like I said, ‘Well, YouTube video will be coming soon, but you’re wrong, I wasn’t hiding nothing.’ I kind of just not let it get to me, ’cause if you do it’ll ruin your whole day.”

Jenelle also filled us in on what to expect from the next Teen Mom 2 reunion (she previously denied storming off the previous reunion set on April 6 because of her husband’s controversial tweets). “I was gonna say, I have no idea what’s gonna go on,” she admitted. “I know that they have me staying in Philly, and they have Kailyn staying in another state, and then they have everyone split up and everyone’s scared of everyone. So, I’m just kinda like hanging out in Philly and just minding my own business. I don’t expect for any drama to happen or me to run into any but we’ll see.”

The Teen Mom 2 also dished about her very own makeup line. “The brand is JE Cosmetics,” she told us. “The lipstick I’m wearing is JE Cosmetics and it’s a liquid matte. But we have lots of different colors. We have dark red all the way to light reds and light pinks. You go to or follow jecosmeticsinc on Instagram.”

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