Jenelle Evans Road Rage Driver Says ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Came ‘Close’ To ‘Getting Shot’

Jenelle Evans is being accused of shocking behavior in a recent road rage incident. But while the driver is telling one story, her team tells HL EXCLUSIVELY they can prove otherwise.

Jenelle Evans‘s latest controversy has become a case of he-said, she-said, but the reality TV star’s team claims they have proof that she is in the right. As fans will know, the Teen Mom 2 star has been accused of allegedly pulling a gun on a North Carolina man during a terrifying incident on April 26. The man – who has not been named – even claimed that she came “close” to “getting shot” during the heated exchange. He shared his side of the story in an interview with RadarOnline. But now a rep for Jenelle EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife that they allegedly have proof she is not in the wrong. In fact, the reality TV star’s spokesperson claims they have the whole incident on film, saying, “Jenelle followed the instruction of law enforcement and 911 operators and will let the footage speak for itself when it airs.”

The unfolding drama was captured on a 9-1-1 recording, during which Jenelle can be heard telling the operator her version of events – that a driver allegedly “purposely slammed on the brakes” while in front of her. But on May 3 he told RadarOnline his side. He said, “It was something out of this world. I really couldn’t believe it. It was a road rage incident. She lost her cool. She was running on the outside lane, texting on her phone, when other cars would try to pass her she would speed up. I don’t think she realized how she was driving because she was on her phone.” The man claimed that Jenelle was allegedly “brake checking people” and not letting them pass. To avoid confrontation he said he slowed down and drove onto his private property. But he claimed that she followed him down his “dirt road, way down in the woods to my house.”

That’s when things could have taken a terrifying turn. The man claimed that, because Jenelle’s car windows were tinted, he didn’t know who has inside and “it could have been a carload of guys.” Preparing for the worse case scenario he called ahead and his son, wife and cousin were all waiting and armed. He chillingly said, “If she pulled that gun out she wouldn’t have made it,” he said. “She don’t know how close she came to getting shot.” The scary reality is that Jenelle’s son Jace, 8, was with his mom the whole time. Thank God no one was hurt!

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