Jenna Jameson’s Diet Secrets Revealed: Inside Her Amazing 57 Lb. Weight Loss

Jenna Jameson shocked everyone when she recently showed off a tremendous fit body after losing major weight and now we’ve got the details on exactly how she went back to her stunning trim figure.

Jenna Jameson, 44, took to Instagram on Aug. 12 to reveal some amazing before and after photos of herself after losing a whopping 57 lbs. and although she already explained she lost the weight the “healthy way”, we’ve learned the details of her diet. “Jenna’s been following the keto diet, and she can’t believe how the weight fell off,” a source close to Jenna EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife. “She cut out all refined foods, quit carbs, upped her intake of good fats and started eating super clean–so lots of fruits and veggies, butter, meat and fish, and she gave up bread, rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. She also stopped snacking on chips and crackers and cut out sugary treats. It was tough at first to cut out carbs, but once her body got used to it she stopped craving them completely, and pretty much the same for sweets too—and when she does get the urge to eat something sweet she’ll satisfy it by drinking a Fresca.”

In addition to looking thinner, Jenna’s feeling more energetic due to her new healthy eating habits. “Jenna has so much more energy now, she feels amazing, and so much more confident,” the source continued. “She hasn’t felt this good in years, she’s really blown away by the results and how much better she feels.”

Before her weight loss, Jenna gave birth to her third child, a daughter, in Apr. 2017. She shared her journey in becoming a third time mommy, including her pregnancy weight gain, on social media so it’s no surprise that she’s been sharing her weight loss journey as well. She’s proving that with confidence and determination anything is possible!

Let’s talk about the mental aspect of losing weight and getting healthy. I’m going to be honest with you, when I was heavy I hated leaving the house. I felt judged. I felt eyes on me everywhere. I could hear others internal monologue saying “damn, Jenna Jameson let herself go” ugh. All of us do this, we worry so very much how we are perceived. But beyond that shallow thinking there was deeper shame. I was disappointed in myself. I was worried I couldn’t lose the weight Sober. I’m being real with you. When I was in my addiction it was easy to stay thin. Sobriety and being overweight was new to me. I kept telling myself if I could beat addiction and stay sober, I can easily lose the weight… and I did. The healthy way. And as of today I can say my mental game is STRONG. I feel I can do anything, I conquered abuse, addiction, PTSD and depression. Thank you for listening and please tell me your stories below, I read every comment ? #weightloss #weightlossjourney #keto #ketodiet #sober #sobriety #beforeandafter #fitmom #mentalhealth

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It’s great to see Jenna proudly showing off her weight loss. She’s been inspiring a lot of women who are going through the same thing she’s gone through so her public posts are definitely beneficial. We can’t wait to see more!

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