Jennifer Aniston talks ‘Dumplin’,’ real-life mother drama and telling off a terrible 2018

Hollywood superstar Jennifer Aniston has gone full-on Dollywood playing a former beauty queen and single mom in the Netflix film “Dumplin’ ” (streaming Friday).

Not only did country legend Dolly Parton agree to let producer Aniston use her classic songs and write six original numbers (including the Golden Globe-nominated “Girl in the Movies”), but the two became real-life girlfriends as well.

“I’m living out so many people’s fantasy,” says Aniston, 49, who has pulled through real-life drama this year after her high-profile, but amicable, divorce from husband Justin Theroux earlier this year. As she sits down with USA TODAY, she’s all bright smiles, especially after having Parton sign several album covers.

Question: Did I literally see you getting a Dolly Parton autograph?

Jennifer Aniston: Those are for my girlfriends. There’s a lot of Dolly worship out there. Not only have I been able to create something with her and sing with her, but I’ve even girlfriended with her. I’m humbled.

Q:You have a dog named Dolly?

Aniston: Yes, I do (proudly showing her iPhone wallpaper of a white shepherd). That’s her, she’s even blonde. When she was a teeny thing, she sat in my hand. I said, “You’re just a little doll. You’re a little Dolly Parton.” She’s beautiful. 

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Q:Did Dolly the dog and Dolly Parton bond?

Aniston: It was so cute. Dolly the dog came up to her and sniffed her. And then Dolly went down to her. I have this sweet picture of them nose-to-nose.

Q:You’ve never done a beauty pageant. What would’ve been your talent?

Aniston: (Concentrates with eyes closed.) I don’t know. I can’t twirl a baton, can’t yodel, can’t tap dance. My talent would just be, well, nothing that would serve me in a beauty pageant. Unless you would let me do a monologue from a Neil Simon play.

Q: Rosie and her daughter (played by Danielle Macdonald) have a challenging relationship. How much did that go back to the relationship with your mother, Nancy Dow (who died in 2016)?

Aniston: “Dumplin’ ” kicked up stuff for me about my mom and our relationship. It was definitely push-pull. My mom wasn’t doing anything intentional to damage any self-esteem of mine, as we discussed in our older years together. She was doing what she thought best. She wasn’t raised with great parental support. She was a beautiful, stunning girl and that’s how she made a living, modeling. She was teaching me what she thought was important. Which was how to look good. That wasn’t necessarily where my interests lay.

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