Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Inside Her Tear-Filled, 2-Hour Intervention To Urge Him To Go To Rehab

Ben Affleck has gone back to rehab, thanks to a life-saving intervention staged by Jennifer Garner. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details about how Jen convinced her estranged husband to get help!

Enough was enough for Jennifer Garner. The 46-year-old actress drove over to Ben Affleck’s home on Aug. 22 to confront him over his drinking, and wouldn’t leave until he decided to do something about it. Jen “spent 2 hours convincing [Ben, 46] to check into rehab,” a source close to Jen shares EXCLUSIVELY with “She pleaded with him that she could not stand by another minute and watch him continue to hurt himself.”

“She told him that even though they are not together anymore, she would not be able to live with herself if something terrible happened to him while she stood by and did nothing,” the source tells “After tears from both of them and a lot of begging and pleading from Jen, Ben agreed to check in immediately.” Thus, the Justice League star got in the back seat of Jennifer’s car, and after a quick stop at Jack In The Box, the two headed for a treatment center in Malibu.

It was literally a case of “ride or die” here, as Ben either had to take a ride to rehab or continue his self-destructive ways. “Ride or die” also describes Jen, because here she is, taking care of Ben despite the fact that they broke up in 2015. “Jennifer will always love Ben,” the insider tells “No matter how many issues they have had in their marriage that will never change. Seeing him spiral out of control is beyond painful for Jennifer and not something she can simply turn her back on.

“She cares deeply about Ben and his well-being and although some people in her circle have urged her to walk away, this is the father of her kids, walking away from him when he so clearly needs help is just not an option,” the source adds.

After leaving his Pacific Palisades home, Ben was transported to The Canyon Treatment Center at Peace Park in Malibu (though, to note, the center could not confirm if Ben was currently seeking treatment there.) A private room at The Canyon costs $130k for 30 days, and there are never more than 16 patients at a time there, meaning that Ben will get plenty of one-on-one care and attention. Hopefully, it works this time. This will be Ben’s third stint in rehab. Fingers crossed that it’ll be the last.

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