Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s $18 Million Getaway

Fans just can’t get enough of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, and clearly, they can’t get enough of one another. After spending time together at a ski resort in Montana, they decided that just wasn’t enough, and have now moved on to Miami to soak up some sun. Of course, the likes of JLo and Affleck don’t just vacation the regular way… they’re staying in an exclusive $18 million mansion, complete with all the perks anyone could ever imagine, and a few that are so lavish, they’re hard to believe. The Daily Mail reports that ‘Bennifer’ seems to be back in full force as the lovebirds casually enjoy one another’s company and give fans even more to talk about.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are living in the lap of luxury. They are re-igniting their romance in what can easily be described as absolute paradise. The massive mansion they’re enjoying is actually the home of jewelry designer Paul Morelli, and he picked up the gorgeous property roughly a month ago. The Daily Mail has described the mansion as “an architecturally stunning waterfront estate with open water views,” and it sits on a 27,000 square foot lot. The main building is a two-story stunner with just over 10, 114 square feet of living space available for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to frolic.

If they feel like sharing their time with friends, there’s a huge, luxurious guest house on the property as well.

The couple has been spotted lounging together, as well as doing their own thing while they enjoy the amenities that this location has to offer. Jennifer Lopez has stuck to her yoga routine during her time at this location. She was seen doing stretches and poses amid the serenity of the property’s immaculately landscaped grounds.

Ben Affleck, on the other hand, has opted for a far more relaxing experience. He has been lounging in the great outdoors, and has been spotted relaxing on the oversized balcony, enjoying a cigarette, and watching the sunset over the vast property.

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This very swanky, upscale property sits on a private beach, and offers a dock and boat lift and a huge bay.

The interior of the building is being described as being ‘sleek’ and is luxuriously decorated with the world’s finest fabrics and furnishings.

Only the best would do for a budding couple such as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, and they certainly seem to have found “the best” in one another, and during their stay at this incredible property.

There’s no report on how long they will remain on the property, but they certainly seem to be enjoying every moment they get to spend there.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Vanity Fair

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