‘Jersey Shore’: Ronnie Viciously Attacked By GF After He Visits A Lawyer To Learn About Custody Rights

The drama between Ronnie and Jen escalates on the Aug. 30 episode of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ and he decides to take matters into his own hands. Here’s our recap!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro tumultuous relationship with Jen Harley is playing out on season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and the two were at it again during the Aug. 30 episode. Last week’s episode ended with Ronnie breaking down to his roommates about his fears that Jen will keep their newborn baby, Ariana, from him, and this week, they all rallied around him to show their support. “It blows my mind that Ron doesn’t understand that he has options,” Jenni “JWoww” Farley admitted. “He can follow the proper protocol and legal steps and then let Jen f*** up.”

The roommates are convinced that Ronnie and Jen’s relationship is completely toxic, and explained to him that the best thing for his daughter would be for them to not be together. After an emotional conversation that lasted quite a bit of time, Ronnie came to the conclusion that he was ready to “take the step” and visit a lawyer to learn about his custody rights. “[Jen’s] not the most stable person in the world,” he revealed. “So I have to watch my own back at this point, and my child’s back. I am ready to make a change. I have to make a change for my daughter, and get some guidelines and foundations to make sure she’s alright at the end of this.”

While Ronnie was visiting the lawyer, though, his roommates got a surprise visit from Jen herself. “Last night he was on a f***ing rampage, texting me every f***ing name in the book,” She ranted. “I’m not kidding. I’m f***ing done with this s***. I blocked him becaue he texted me over 300 times how I’m a slut, whore, b***h.”

Of course, after hearing what Ronnie told them about Jen earlier, the rest of the cast was not convinced that she was telling the full story, so they sent her home and told her to come back when Ron was actually there. When he did arrive back at the hotel suite, Ron was actually in a good mood, and admitted that he felt better after learning his legal rights. “Having something set in stone will probably take tension off the relationship,” he said. “Because at least you know the baby has stability.”

It didn’t last long, though — Jen returned, spit in Ronnie’s face and went on to physically attack him. News of this fight went public after it originally happened at the beginning of June, but now, we’re getting to see it all play out…and it continues next week on MTV!

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