Jesse Williams Ex-Wife Wants More Child Support

Jesse Williams ex-wife wants more spousal support and she is ready to battle him for the increase.

Ever since Aryn Drake-Lee and Williams split they have been involved in a heated battle over their kids. According to TMZ, Drake-Lee has filed court documents to get her monthly spousal support increased from the current amount of $50,695. Yep, apparently all of her kid’s expenses per month are more than that amount and she needs her ex to step up.

In the court papers, the mom of two shared her children’s monthly expenses total over $73,369 per month. That is a crazy amount of money, but kids are not cheap. Drake-Lee explains clothes, food, traveling outside L.A. to visit family, swimming and dance lessons, childcare and tuition are the expenses which add up to her needing more money.

Williams ex-wife is also asking for an additional $200,000 for her legal fees, which are now adding up again. Drake-Lee insists the Grey’s Anatomy hunk can afford both of her money requests, claiming in court documents he earns around $250,000 per episode. The actor has not yet commented on the latest filing from his ex-wife.

It has been one year since Jesse Williams filed for divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee, but things are still as hostile as ever. She is taking him back to court, claiming she needs him to pay more money a month because of their kid’s expenses. The couple was granted joint-physical custody of Sadie age four and Maceo age two less than a month ago, even though Drake-Lee originally filed for sole custody of the kids.

Since he filed for divorce, Williams has been linked to a couple of different women, including Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly. The fact he moved on so quickly has caused a lot of turmoil in his relationship with Drake-Lee. Now she is taking him back to court and a new battle is brewing. Here is hoping these two can somehow figure out a way to put all the drama behind them for the sake of their kids.

Stay tuned, as it appears this story is just starting to heat up. Do you think Drake-Lee should get more money out of Williams?

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