Jill Duggar Surprises Fans With Her Comments on Whether She'd Let Her Kids Go to Public School

As fans know, the Duggar family embraces homeschooling. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar opted to teach all of their 19 kids at home, with mom Michelle taking on most of the teaching duties, with help from the older kids. That desire to control their kids’ education has extended to the next generation. Josh and Anna Duggar homeschool their kids, and so does Jill Dillard.

Why do the Duggars homeschool?

The Duggars decision to homeschool is rooted in their Christian faith. “Our goal has been to do a Christian-based curriculum — one in which there’s a lot of character emphasis, character building like responsibility, honesty, self control,” Michelle explained in a blog post for TLC in 2010. “All those kind of things are woven into the stuff that we use.”

Jill Dillard’s approach to homeschooling

Like her mother, Jill Dillard has chosen
to educate her kids at home. Her oldest son Israel is only three, but she’s
already started teaching him basic lessons in math, phonics, and reading, as
well as a little bit of science and social studies, she explained in a recent
post on her
family’s blog.

In the post, she shared the specific curriculum she’s using
with Israel and said she’s getting help from her mom, mother-in-law, and
sister-in-law Anna. She also posted about the checklist she uses to keep track
of his lessons and chores.

“I am continuing to find out that there are so many great
and fun ways to help your kiddos learn! I’m sure many of y’all have great tips
and I’d love to hear them!” she wrote.  

She loves homeschooling, but isn’t opposed to alternatives

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Jill seems pretty committed to homeschooling her kids, but
she’s not totally opposed to public school, as In
Touch noticed when it took a close look at her Instagram.

“[I]f your boys request to go to public school,
will you let them?” asked a commenter on Jill’s

“[M]aybe,” Jill replied. “Probably will at some
point for college.” 

She also said that she didn’t have anything
against people who chose public school and added that her
husband “went all the way through the public school system.” Derick Dillard
eventually went on to graduate from Oklahoma State University and is currently
enrolled in law school at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. 

Derick has praised his wife’s commitment to homeschooling. “So proud of all the hard work my wife puts in to educating our children!” he tweeted on March 4. In September 2018, he tweeted that “Many homeschoolers not only have the same opportunities, but exceed their peers.”

Fans are still worried

Derick and Jill are convinced that homeschooling is the right choice for their family, and apparently haven’t ruled out more traditional schooling in the future. But some fans are concerned that the decision to teach them at home will hurt their kids.

“Why would you keep your kids away from a regular school?
Its good for their social skills and the[y] will get a lot smarter,” asked one
person on Instagram.

“Just curious why you think you are better trained than a
credentialed teacher?” another asked.

While the debate about the pros and cons of homeschooling raged on her social media, Jill opted to stay above the fray, simply asserting that her and Derick’s choice to skip public schools was what was right for them. “I totally get that it’s not for everyone,” she wrote.

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