Jinger Duggar’s Husband ‘Bothered’ By Cultural Appropriation Accusations: How She’s Helping Him

Want to know how ‘Counting On’ star Jeremy Vuolo is handling himself after he was accused of cultural appropriation? We’ve got the scoop!

When Jeremy Vuolo, 31, posted a father/daughter pic with three-month-old Felicity saying it was “Time for reflection,” some Counting On fans didn’t quite get it — especially since the photo featured Native American art. The new dad and his little girl were reflected onto a painting of a teepee and some of his followers felt like the artistic shot was a major misstep. Jeremy was even accused by one of his followers of using Native American culture “flippantly”. But a source close to the reality star tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that he never intended to offend and the backlash is bothering him. Fortunately, he has his wife Jinger Duggar, 24, by his side and she’s propping him up.

“He was not making any political comments or trying to co-opt Native culture,” insists our source, “he was just sharing a picture of beautiful art that was extra special to him because there was a reflection in the glass of him cradling little Felicity. Jeremy got a taste of how Jinger felt when she was accused of cultural appropriation and it actually did bother him more than he expected because it brought negativity to a special moment with his daughter. He’s not letting it get to him though, Jinger helped him shake it off. She reminded him that he knows what his intentions were and that they were pure and that’s what matters.” Jinger is no stranger to this kind of controversy, so Jeremy’s lucky to have her advice!

A second source close to Jinger says she’s got Jeremy’s back all the way — but she does wish he’s be extra cautious when it comes to posting pics with Felicity. “Jinger is disappointed that Jeremy’s fans are giving him such a hard time about using this picture. She loves her husband and feels like he made an innocent mistake, she knows that he meant no harm and is being misunderstood. She loves how passionate their fans are about the issue but she supports her husband and would never ask him to take the picture down. She is a little upset the whole situation is getting so much attention and she wishes he would be more careful, especially when posting pictures with their daughter.” We agree with Jinger that Jermey should be cautious when it comes to posting pics on social media — but we sure hope this doesn’t hold him back from sharing cute pics with their adorable baby girl because we can’t get enough of her sweet face. And we’re sure fans of Counting On would agree.


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