John Legend Shared A Sweet Photo Of His First Post-Baby Date Night With Chrissy Teigen

It’s been a couple weeks since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcomed their new baby, Miles, and now they’re doing what any new parents are excited to do — get out of the house. Legend and Teigen’s first night out after the new baby was documented on Instagram, and the happy couple definitely deserve a night away from the kids.

Luckily in an age of frequent mom-shaming, particularly directed at celebrities, most of the comments visible on the post, as well as the accompanying tweet, appeared to be well wishes for the family. Teigen already poked fun at Legend leaving the house soon after Miles was born, so it’s good that she was able to get a breath of fresh air too. When Legend performed at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards last week, Teigen tweeted a photo of herself holding Miles as she watched the show, captioning it, "wow didn’t u just have a baby John smh go take care of it !!!!!! disgusting." Obviously she was just joking, but it’s clear the double standards often applied to new moms and not new dads are certainly not lost on Teigen.

Teigen has said in the past that there’s always the possibility of randoms on social media trolling her over her parenting choices. “It gets to me every time,” the model and cookbook author told the Today Show last year. "I feel like pregnancy is the time for them to warm you up to the shaming that’s about to come because they really go in on you."

Comments flew around last year regarding Luna, and some of them were downright bananas. People in comments sections of the internet made a habit of dissecting each and every choice Teigen made, from how she dressed her daughter to how she chose to hold her. Teigen frequently shut those people down, and anyone who’s encountered her Twitter account knows she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and her family.

It does bother her when those people come out of the woodwork — she told AOL Entertainment that her parenting skills are one thing she won’t allow people to question without snapping back. "You can call me anything — you can talk about my face, my makeup, my clothes, whatever," she said. "But once you say my food looks bad or I’m not doing something correctly with my child, that’s when I launch."

She did tell Entertainment Tonight, though, that while it bothers her, she’s got plenty more to worry about in the scheme of things than anyone judging her decisions. "It is hard when it turns to … people are grading you on your personal decisions," she said. "You just realize you’ll never make everyone happy. … I’m learning to let things roll off my back a bit easier. I have more important things going on now."

Legend has also stood up for his wife — in 2016, he tweeted, "Funny there’s no dad-shaming. When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn’t have to take it all. We’ll split it." Hopefully, though with this newest child, those haters keep their distance, and they won’t have any need to be on the defense.

Teigen and Legend are pretty much everyone’s favorite couple, and the love they’ve shared for years definitely requires some alone time, even with small children. "I think it’s really important to be complete partners in crime,” Teigen told Well + Good in March. "I love the mentality of ‘us against the world.’ Even when you have kids, never forget your relationship as partners and lovers—that’s so important." It’s so obvious how much Teigen and Legend enjoy being parents, and how much time they spend with their kids, so when they do choose to step out just the two of them, it’s a well-deserved date night that everyone should support.

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