Johnny Depp Says He Uses A '1000 Degree' Sauna As Part Of His Creative Process

‘Radar Online’ says that Depp might have a ‘boiled brain’

There is a new theory being floated about Johnny Depp’s bizarre behavior over the last few years, and the idea is that unhealthy spa temperatures have led to a form of brain damage. Depp has been frank about enjoying a very hot sauna, but just how hot is still okay?

Radar Online says that it is feared that Depp has been “boiling his brain” over the years as he uses his sauna set to the hottest possible temperature to meditate and come up with story ideas. At recent events, Depp has appeared thinner than ever, and some fans wondered if he might be sick.

During red carpet interviews, Depp had trouble getting his thoughts together, and some media sources wondered if perhaps he had been drunk or high. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, 55, said in interviews that he sometimes spends “hours” in the sauna, set to “1000 degrees.”

“Captain Jack was actually born in a sauna – my sauna. I figured this is a guy who has been on the high seas for probably all of his life, the majority of his life at least, and therefore probably dealt with a lot of inescapable heat to the brain. So I cranked the sauna up to about 1,000 degrees and I sat in there for as long as I could until it started to affect me mentally.”

Depp believed that suffering the effects of extreme heat made Jack Sparrow who he was and says that he understands that the kind of heat under the Caribbean sun can be damaging.

“So that in itself sort of gave me… yeah, like his brain has been part-boiled to some degree.”

The medical community has warned that very high sauna temperatures can cause brain damage and multi-system organ failure. There are warnings that must be posted on saunas that explain the dangers of turning things up too high and overheating your core temperature.

“Your body is meant to operate at 98.7F and a core temperature increase to 105F constitutes a serious medical emergency. You could experience an accelerated heart rate, circulatory shock, lose consciousness or fall into a coma.”

Heat stroke is also possible from prolonged sauna use, as is heart attack or stroke from a sudden rise in blood pressure. If you partake in a sauna you must hydrate and rehydrate, and alcohol is not suggested. But fans of Depp know that he has boasted about his “over $30k a month wine habit.”

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