Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles Open Tony Awards with Beautiful Tribute to Losers

The hosts shine a spotlight on blockbuster musicals that have never won like “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Hair,” “Dreamgirls” and “Chicago.”

Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles are first-time Tony hosts, so no one was expecting the kind of elaborate opening number you get from the likes of a Neil Patrick Harris. Instead, we got a beautiful piano duet that quickly turned into a tribute to all the Tony losers … you know, like Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles

The pair referenced past losers that went on to become theater classics like "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Hair," "Dreamgirls" and "Chicago." How many Best Musical winners in that list? That would be zero. See, losing isn’t so bad.

They even brought up ensemble members from all of this year’s nominees to join them for the big climactic finish, to shine a spotlight on the hardest working people in show business.

Aside from the lyrics, it was a beautifully written song by Bareilles, and her harmonies with Groban were absolutely on point. In fact, the lyrics were pretty fine, too. "We are your hosts, and we’re perfectly suited to be because did you know? Neither one of us have ever won anything."

At this point, they stopped and marveled that neither of them had won any type of award, not even a Grammy.

"Let’s take a moment for all of us, before the winners shine bright. Lest you forget about 90 percent of us leave empty-handed tonight," they harmonized.

You know, we wouldn’t be mad if Groban and Bareilles came up with a whole musical about "the people who lose." Maybe they can win a Tony for that?

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