Josh Peck Telling Drake Bell His Baby News Will Give ‘Drake & Josh’ Fans All Of The Feels

Just when you thought Drake Bell and Josh Peck couldn’t be a more perfect pair, Peck made a video showing just how important his former co-star is to him. Josh Peck telling Drake Bell he’s going to be a father is such a pure moment, you’ll definitely be saying, "Hug me, brotha!" after watching it.

When Peck and his wife, film editor Paige O’Brien, were ready to tell their friends that they’re expecting their first child, Peck had a unique idea in mind. He compiled different clips of him telling all of his friends the happy news into one YouTube video that’s full of well wishes for the two of them. And one of the friends featured in the video is none other than his former Drake & Josh costar, Bell.

Bell appears in the below video around the 11:40 mark, when he walks into the room and plops down next to Josh on the couch. Bell doesn’t look super shocked when he hears the news, either. After first saying, "This is so wild," Bell’s next reaction is to ask, "Are we that old?" (For the record, Peck is 31, and Bell is 32.) Bell then asked if Peck’s child can call him "Uncle Drake," adding that he’ll teach them how to play the guitar.

Still, as nice as Bell’s reaction is, what’s really sweet about the video is how happy Peck is each time he shares the news with a new friend. It’s clear that the actor is beyond excited to become a parent and grow his family.

Peck and O’Brien announced the happy news last week, sharing photos from what looks like a pregnancy shoot. "Oh baby. Literally, there’s a baby in there. Love u @paigeobrienn," Peck wrote in his Instagram post.

The two of them got married last June, which created a bit of tension between Peck and his pal when Bell wasn’t invited to the wedding. Bell tweeted about not being invited, but it looks like they’ve made up since then. In addition to appearing in the video, Bell congratulated Peck and O’Brien on Twitter.

Peck’s video is also a nice reminder that when it’s possible, delivering important news is way better in person. It definitely seems like it touched Bell to find out first hand from his co-star. Despite their short-lived "feud". these Nickelodeon stars clearly still have each other’s backs. Bell even shared a video on his Instagram congratulating his friend again. He said,

Yeah, it’s not obvious that these two played brothers at all, is it? May their cuteness never stop.

There’s also a moment at the end of Bell and Peck’s conversation that will be exciting for fans. Peck jokes that Bell should have a child, too, so that the two of them can co-star on a TV show of their own. That’s a pretty long shot, but hey, anything is possible, right? And that’s definitely a show that old school Nickelodeon fans would watch.

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