Jupiter Retrograde Is *Finally* Over & Here’s What You Can Expect

Five retrograde planets may have you feel like you’re swimming up stream, and you’re probably wondering when you can expect someone to throw you a lifeline. The good news is that Jupiter retrograde 2018 is almost over and Jupiter goes direct July 10. The bad news is that Mercury retrograde begins in three weeks. The days when planets start to go backward (retrograde) or forward (direct) are called stations, and they are pivotal days in astrology.

In July you’re getting two: Jupiter station direct and Mercury station retrograde, but let’s focus on one thing at a time. Jupiter is the planet of transformation and adventure, which means that this week some of the things you’ve been working on the past five months while Jupiter was retrograde in Scorpio should come to fruition once the planet turns direct.

"During a Jupiter transit you feel open to new directions and you want to grow. This transit fills you with self-confidence— you feel and believe in your own competency," Astrologer Jamie Miller noted on Pandora Astrology. "This self-confidence rolls right off you and inspires those around you. Leadership and ‘star power’ come to you more easily during a Jupiter transit, and so does sheer luck."

If this period of transformation has been painful, you should start to feel bright and shiny like a brand new baby come mid July. However, if you’ve had a smooth Jupiter retrograde, the energy of Jupiter could leave you feeling overconfident, which could lead to some personal and professional gaffes. Is you’re feeling like an unstoppable boss, it’s best to be humble so you don’t become your own worst enemy. No matter how the last five months have treated you, everyone could have a rocky few days when Jupiter is station direct.

"The immediate or short-term influence presents some challenges but the long-term outlook is very hopeful," Astrologer Jamie Partridge explained on Astrology King. "[After] the Jupiter retrograde phase, you may be left with some imbalance that needs correcting. Perhaps you have become too self obsessed, self-indulgent or greedy. […] The imbalance may also be associated with the level of emotional support and nourishment you give and receive within a relationship, especially with your partner or family members."

Jupiter retrograde should be looked as an information-gathering experience, and just because it’s coming to an end doesn’t mean you should close the book on the last five months and forget everything you’ve learned. Being overconfident or overextending yourself could lead to mistakes or serious lapses in judgement. This is why it’s key to make sure to refer back to what you’ve learned during the past five months before acting impulsively.

Astrologer Maria DeSimone shared a pretty on-point metaphor on Tarot.com about a lusty dessert in a store window. "Think of Jupiter as your favorite cupcake. You haven’t had this treat in ages and the craving, when you see the cupcake in front of you, is intense. You know that if only you could take a bite out of it, every inch of you would fill with joy. […] But then, your imminent cupcake heaven is interrupted when your hand twists to open the door and is met with resistance. It’s locked."

She goes on to explain that instead of getting frustrated that you can’t have that cupcake right freakin’ now, the message is that you should teach yourself how to make your own cupcakes. "You spend another few weeks in solitude experimenting with ingredients and recipes until you hit the jackpot. When the day finally arrives and you’re staring at luscious cupcakes made in your very own kitchen, with your bare hands and positive mind, the moment is pure heaven," DeSimone wrote. "Tasting those cupcakes is the most incredible gift you’ve ever given yourself."

When Jupiter goes direct that first cupcake store is open again and totally available to you. However, because you have created something new for yourself, you no longer yearn for those other cupcakes. And, what you’ve created has the potential to grow into a business that can support you. Translation: If you’ve used Jupiter retrograde to create what you want, you could soon have your own metaphorical cupcake store, which makes that five-month lesson in struggle and frustration totally worth it.

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