Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: She’s Inspiring Him To Write Love Songs Again

Hailey Baldwin is not only changing Justin Bieber for the better, but she’s influencing his music! Get all the EXCLUSIVE details here on why Justin’s next song may be about their romance!

Every guy needs a Hailey Baldwin. Since swooping back into Justin Bieber’s life after their 2016 split, we’ve seen a major change in the “What Do You Mean” singer. And, it’s all for the better. “Justin has not seemed this happy in a very long time, and a lot of people in his life are giving all the credit to Hailey. She’s such a positive, loving person and that’s bringing out the best in Justin. It doesn’t hurt that she thinks so highly of him,” a source close to JB tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

It’s not hard to believe Hailey is head over heels for Justin. I mean, the proof is in their many PDA photos. A few days back, the pair took their love tour to Washington where they were seen soaking up the sun at a pool. Hailey was also photographed sweetly gazing into Justin’s eyes, and we can’t think of anything more romantic! “She’s known him for so long, she knows the good the and the bad and she accepts it all. That kind of acceptance is transformative, it’s no wonder Justin is so happy again,” the insider continued.

“The fans are going to benefit from his happiness with Hailey because she’s inspiring him to write love songs again,” our source added. Who knew that’s all it took to get JB back in the studio?! His last album Purpose was released in 2015, so it’ll definitely be a treat to hear new heat. Nevertheless, we couldn’t be happier for “Jailey,” and we can’t wait to watch their love blossom even more!

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