Kane Brown talks new music, new wife, new life on road to second album, ‘Experiment’

Kane Brown went home and cried in the bathroom three years ago after signing his record deal with Sony Music Nashville. Growing up in Georgia, Brown was sometimes homeless and often on the move. He attended five high schools in as many years. He saw his friends abuse drugs and become victims of gun violence. His father has spent more than two decades in jail.

The record deal was a dream come true — and his ticket out.

His self-titled debut album was released in 2016 and sold or streamed the equivalent of more than 1 million copies. His chart-topping duet with Lauren Alaina is three times platinum, and its follow-up single, “Heaven,” clocks in at the equivalent of 2 million copies sold. 

“I know it sounds weird, but I don’t feel different,” said Brown, 25. “I just have a little money that I didn’t have before. And I have a (wife) that I didn’t have before. And I have more confidence that I didn’t have before. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. But I still feel the same.”

Brown’s sophomore album, “Experiment,” home to his current top 10, “Lose It,” will be in stores Nov. 9. While he still feels like the same guy, the album reflects his personal and artistic growth. 

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