Kanye West ‘Would Love’ To Be At Trump & Kim Jong Un’s Summit & Thinks He’d Be A ‘Major Help’

Kanye West isn’t done giving political commentary! The rapper wants a seat at Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s summit, and we’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why he thinks they could benefit from his ideas!

Now that Kanye West and President Donald Trump are buddies, Kanye would like to run some ideas by him. And being that Trump’s big meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore is today, June 11, Kanye can’t think of a more perfect opportunity to lend his political expertise. “Kanye would love to be at the summit with Trump and Kim Jong Un to provide a few ideas to both of them on a mission of progress because he honestly has great plans for both of them. His vision for the future is something he would gladly share with both of them,” a source close to Kanye tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. This should be interesting.

“He believes he could be of major help, and he would like to grab their ears on the ideas he has because he continues to go in and out of wanting to run for president himself. So, this would be a very important thing to take part in his future political goals,” our source continued. While we’re definitely curious as to what Kanye has to say, getting into Trump and Kim Jong Un’s meeting is very unlikely. Unfortunately, it’s closed door. After all, it is the first ever meeting of leaders between the two countries, and they have a lot to discuss like the hope of ending the decades of hostility and nuclear threats. So, we’re not surprised that it’s super private.

However, we’re sure that once Trump is back in the U.S., he will make some time for Yeezy. I mean, he did work with his wife Kim Kardashian and successfully pardoned Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for a first time drug offense.

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