Kate and William’s ‘confidence signal’ in latest outing -finally enjoy ‘peace after drama’

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The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William looked happy and relaxed carrying out their duties as Royal Patrons of NHS Charities.

Body language expert Judi James commented on the couple’s “relaxed, natural and loving” non-verbal communication.

She said: “They look totally at ease.

“Almost as though a sometimes tense or wary-looking William has found some form of emotional peace after all the dramas and rifts of the past couple of years.

“Kate’s facial expression as she gazes at her husband looks proud and utterly supportive.

“And she clearly enjoys watching him getting soppy over a very cute puppy.”

Judi continued: “The couple seems to have eased into their new roles within the royal firm, with both apparently stepping up in terms of authority and responsibility.

“And the spotlight seems to suit them both, with their confidence signals increasing accordingly.

“Rather than becoming more formal the closer they get to the throne, they seem to be getting more relaxed and very comfortable about showing body language signals of their love and affection for one another in public.”

Judi compared their public signs of affection with those we have seen with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“For Meghan and Harry this relationship signaling has always been a given and so far there has been little if any decrease in the hand-holding and face-gazing.”

Moreover, Judi said that “an air of growing relaxation and easing of tension and wariness seems to have affected Harry as much as William recently too”.

She explained: “Now he seems to be fully established in the US and with little apparent chance of returning to the UK he is looking more relaxed an confident than he has for years.

“His body language poses with Meghan and his children seem to deliberately define a state of freedom and joy and.

“Despite the tragedy of the split between the brothers, there is a suggestion that now their separate lives are established without any potential turning points, they have both been left to enjoy the happiness in their own individual lives.”

For the visit, Kate wore a stunning floor-length camel coat by Massimo Dutti.

She combined the look with a coffee-coloured roll neck jumper.

Kate could also be seen wearing sturdy looking camel heeled boots.

The Duchess styled her hair in her signature wavy curls and wore natural makeup.

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