Kate Middleton Just Walked Out Of Kensington Palace And People Are SHOOK

  • Kate Middleton a.k.a. the Duchess of Cambridge did something totally crazy and walked out of Kensington Palace like a normal person.
  • Needless to say, the people who saw her wandering around London were beside themselves.

Now, just because Kate Middleton is a royal and can have whatever she wants, whenever she wants it, doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about the simpler things in life. Like walking around town like a normal person. Yesterday morning, Kate sent the public into a frenzy when she was spotted walking right out of Kensington Palace.

According to some Twitter users, Kate went for a stroll around Kensington Gardens. Honestly, it’s not that far from the palace, but still worth noting because it’s open to the public.

One person who spotted Kate wrote that Princess Charlotte and Prince George tagged along, too. They tweeted, “In London for 8 hours, walking through Kensington Gardens and who walks past me?! Only Kate Middleton pushing Charlotte in her pushchair with George on his little push-bike.” IDK about you, but seeing Prince George on a little bike would be the best celebrity sighting in history.

Another Twitter user wrote, “So awkwardly walking up to Kensington Palace not knowing if we should be here, we walk past Kate Middleton.”

In a tragic turn of events, not one person who saw Kate has posted photos online, but that’s probably because their hands were busy doing this:

According to Hello!, Kate wasn’t trying to be incognito or anything while she was out. The publication’s source said Kate was “in a great mood during the walk. [She] politely smiled at people who recognized her.”

This isn’t the first time Kate has done something like this. Back in December, she rolled up to Buckingham Palace in her car to make a casual visit to the Queen.

Wow, these royals are just like us, if only we lived on expansive palace grounds.

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