Kate Middleton receives St David's Day gift from star-struck toddler

‘We met a Princess’! Girl, 2, looks star-struck as she presents Kate with a gift of Daffodils for St David’s Day

  • Cora Phillips met Kate Middleton at Brynawel Rehabilitation Centre in Wales
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A toddler was pictured looking a little bit star-struck as she met a real-life princess – and even managed to hand her a gift.

Little Cora Phillips, two, handed a posy of spring flowers to the Princess of Wales on the royal’s trip to Pontyclun, near Cardiff in Wales, yesterday afternoon.

A sweet photo captured the moment Cora, in her mother Michelle’s arms, handed the daffodils to mother-of-three Kate, 41, who warmly accepted the gift.

As the princess leaned in with a smile to thank Cora for her kind gesture, the toddler, who was dressed in an adorable heart-printed coat, smiled back at her.

After meeting the Princess, Michelle reflected on their surprise at actually seeing her in the flesh, telling her daughter: ‘We’re never going to forget that.’

Little Cora Phillips, two, was able to give the Princess of Wales a posy of daffodils ahead of St David’s Day on a meeting at Brynawel Rehabilitation Centre in Pontyclun near Cardiff

The mother and daughter met the Princess of Wales as she visited Brynawel Rehabilitation Centre, near the town of Pontyclun, where a therapy garden is currently being developed.  

As the Princess walked away with her flowers in hand, Michelle reflected: ‘Oh my goodness, I did not expect that in a million years.’

Turning to her daughter, she said: ‘We just met a princess. We’re never going to forget that.’ Ms Phillips said they live nearby and had bought daffodils ahead of St David’s Day today.

Kate, 41, was pictured clutching the daffodils and spring flowers she had been given as she continued her visit

Photos taken later in the visit showed Kate holding onto the flowers tightly, ensuring they were kept safe.

Throughout the day, in which the Prince and Princess made several visits, Kate showed her natural rapport with children, making friends along the way.

Later in the day on a visit to a Aberavon Leisure and Fitness Centre in Port Talbot, Kate made a beeline for a group of young girls in pretty leotards and asked them: ‘Can you do the splits?’ 

She added: ‘I was able to do it when I was little but I’ll have to keep practising now.’

Grace Evans, six, gave the couple a demonstration of the splits and Kate told her: ‘My little girl likes to do that too.’

Seven-year-old Rafael Vazquez, from Swansea, presented the prince and princess with a set of Welsh leotards for their children, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte.

His mother, Jo Vazquez, said: ‘It was wonderful to meet them, they are so genuine people and have a real interest in the community, children and sport.

‘They said how interested they were in keeping leisure centres open, especially swimming as it is such a key skill for life.’

Later in the visit, the Princess, who was dressed in a thrifty dogtooth skirt from Zara, hopped up onto an exercise bike alongside her husband as the pair raced each other during a spin class – and sporty Kate put William to shame as she stormed to victory.

After the 45-second race – in which the mother-of-three even asked if she could turn the bike’s resistance up and ‘make it harder’ – a shocked princess was declared the winner of the ‘Tour de Aberavon’ and handed a small trophy.

The virtual endurance race challenged Kate and William to see who could cycle the furthest in just 45 seconds while riding uphill in the Italian mountains.

Entering the cycling room, William apologised to the cyclists and said: ‘Sorry for ruining your spin class,’ while before climbing onto his bike, the prince joked to his wife: ‘You have got high heels on.’

The princess admitted: ‘Not sure I am dressed for this,’ while during the race, Kate adjusted the gears and laughed: ‘Can I make it harder?’

After finishing, William, who was breathing deeply, joked: ‘Talk to you in a minute.’

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