Kelly Clarkson Admits She’s Already Been Planning ‘Voice’ Winner Brynn’s Career: How She’ll Help Her

Kelly Clarkson is going to have a big role in ‘The Voice’ winner Brynn Cartelli’s career forever. After the season 14 finale, Kelly revealed what she’s been planning for Brynn and her main goal for the 15-year-old winner!

Kelly Clarkson knows a thing or two about what it feels like to be a young pop star after winning the first season of American Idol. That’s why she’s going to be right by The Voice season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli’s side as she navigates her career as a rising artist. Kelly revealed that her “complete goal” for Brynn right now is to get her single, “Walk My Way,” on the radio.

“She is going to do it all,” Kelly told HollywoodLife and other media outlets after the finale. “Like, it’s crazy she is so talented and one to marvel at and our goal is to hit radio hard and it is helpful that I have a song out too so if we are calling in about mine then we are going to call in about hers. I really feel like that is the one thing. We go through so many of these people on these shows and you really need to push these… It’s sad because there are so many people that are so talented on the show and then right after… I mean you need a team. You could be Aretha Franklin, and you need a team working your record and marketing your record. You need to promote it on radio, and I still have that and they are still hustling. We are putting together something and have been working on that even before she won.”

Kelly is going to remain part of Brynn’s team because wants the 15-year-old to succeed. “We have a strategy with her… anywhere I go I’m going to be like, you want to go? Because I love her, and I’m so supportive, and I want her to succeed,” Kelly continued. “It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do that for someone that was me. That’s unexplainable, but it is.”

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