Kelly Macdonald talks comparisons between James Bulgar and The Victim

Trainspotting actress Kelly Macdonald says ‘there are parallels’ between plot of new BBC drama The Victim and the Jamie Bulger case – and says her ‘grief face’ won her the role of distraught parent

  • Kelly Macdonald talked about parallels between ‘The Victim’ and James Bulger
  • British actress, 43, plays grieving mother of murdered son in new BBC drama 
  • Is suspected of trying to expose whereabouts of her son’s killer on his release 
  • Bulgar’s parents and uncle have all called for Venables’ anonymity to be lifted

Kelly Macdonald has addressed parallels between new BBC drama ‘The Victim’ and the harrowing real life James Bulger case.

The British actress, 43, who rose to fame for her role as Diane in 1996 hit Trainspottting, plays a grieving mother who is suspected of anonymously sharing the whereabouts of her son’s newly-released killer, following the murder of her child 15 years earlier.

The story, which she has explained is entirely fictitious, appears to echo that of James Bulgar, who was brutally tortured and murdered aged two, by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, who were just 10-years-old at the time. 

Venables returned to prison in 2010 and was given a new sentence of two years – after being caught sharing an downloading images of child abuse – at which point Bulger’s mother, Denise Fergus, called for his anonymity to be removed. 

In February James’ father and uncle, Ralph and Jimmy Bulger, appealed to change a lifelong anonymity order made when Venables was released in 2001. 

Kelly Macdonald, pictured in New York last July, has adressed parallels between new BBC drama ‘The Victim’ and the harrowing James Bulger case

Speaking about the similarities between the new BBC drama and the real life Bulger case, Kelly told The Guardian’s Observer magazine: ‘I can see why people might compare, but this The Victim isn’t based on any specific real-life case. There are parallels but it’s a fictional story.’

Speaking about how it was going to a ‘dark place as a mother’, she added: ‘It wasn’t so much as a parent, just as a human. Those emotions apply to anyone. Mothers don’t have a monopoly on them.’ 

And explaining her recent roles as a mother, which include her part in Ian McEwan’s The Child in Time. she argued that she wasn’t being typecast adding: ‘You reach a certain age and get cast as a mother. 

‘And because it’s dramatic, sometimes a grieving mother. Plus of course, I give good grief face!’

The actress, 43, plays grieving mother Anna Dean, who is suspected of anonymously sharing the whereabouts of her son’s newly-released killer, following the murder of her child 15 years earlier. Left, killer Craig Myers played by James Harkness, right, John Hannah as DI Steven Grove

BBC1 thriller The Victim is set in Glasgow and Edinburgh and stars John Hannah as DI Steven Grover, alongside Trainspotting’s Kelly Macdonald, and rising star James Harkness who plays killer ‘Craig Myers’, and it will be up to viewers to decide which of the characters is the real victim.

Kelly’s character, Anna Dean, is a grieving mother whose nine-year-old son Liam was brutally murdered 15 years before by a boy four years his senior called Eddie J Turner.  

Turner has now been released from jail and is allegedly living under the pseudonym Craig Myers, but an anonymous post on social media claims to know where he is.

The message receives thousands of likes, and Myers (James Harkness) – a hard-working family man – is visited by a hooded figure who viciously attacks him – but does he have the right man?

James Harkness as Craig Myers, with his onscreen daughter Jessica Myers. The drama will explore if it’s a case of mistaken identity and let the viewer decide who the victim really is

Whoever wrote the social media message stands accused of incitement to murder, and Anna Dean is an obvious suspect given that she’s long campaigned for the killer’s new identity and whereabouts to be revealed.

And she seems even more likely to be the perpetrator when she’s visited by DI Grover.

We also learn in the first episode that Grover has been seconded to the Glasgow area from Edinburgh while some allegations against him are investigated, but is there any truth to them? 

As the drama progresses, the viewer is invited to decide whether Anna Dean, Craig Myers or indeed DI Grover is the real victim. 

 The Victim airs every evening from Monday to Thursday, at 9pm on BBC1.

Kelly Macdonal rose to fame for her role in Diane in 1996 hit Trainspottting,seen with Ewan Mcgregor

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