Kelly Rowland Gushes Over Beyonce’s Brilliance: ‘No One Does What She Does’ For Women

We will probably never get over the EPIC Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella, and now Kelly Rowland is spilling EXCLUSIVELY what it was like to be on stage with Bey once again.

“Coachella was amazing, amazing, amazing,” Kelly Rowland told EXCLUSIVELY. “It was honestly like me and the girls just picked up right where we left off. Beyonce did incredible planning. She has amazing imagination in imagery. There is no one who does what she does. I am truly wowed by her,” Kelly said about Bey. “I celebrate her. I love her and all of her brilliance as a woman, as a mother, as a wife,  as my friends, as my sister. I’m so proud of us. A lot of us as women feel that way about her. She makes us want to strive to be our best selves. That’s what she wants to give women, that’s what she wants to give the world. Because she gives us so much love, we want to give it back to her.”

We spoke to Kelly at the launch party for the new Schick Intuition f.a.b. razor, which is the first of it’s kind — it actually shaves backwards and forwards! “The 13 year old me wish this existed!” Kelly said. It was a winner and celeb pick in our Beauty Awards! “I have a blast with summer beauty. I feel like it’s a time, especially now, to explore color,” Kelly told us. “I did my own makeup today. I’m fine with doing my makeup. I like playing with color. As a black woman for so long, I was so scared, because someone once told me you should stick to the browns, now I’m like, I’ll do what I want! Jessica Alba has an [Honest] beauty balm I use on my eyes. For a couple years now, we’ve been covering up and contouring and now I feel the need to strip back. I contour a little bit but I don’t go crazy with it. I remember one time, someone said you me, you look way better in person! I was like, what does that mean? There’s a disconnect.”

Kelly also spoke about fitness and self-care: “Self care to me is mental and physical. I take care of that with meditating. I have a friend who is a therapist, a license therapist, so I talk to them. I like to work out. I like yoga, I LOVE pilates. I’m not old, I’m 37, but as I get older, your core needs to be strengthened and it looks nice when it’s pulled together and not torn apart by a baby. Take care of your body!”

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