Kendall Jenner: Is She Using Anwar Hadid To Make Ben Simmons Jealous?

Kendall Jenner may have had an underlying reason for getting cozy with Anwar Hadid and it all has to do with her new romance with Ben Simmons. Is she willing to risk a friendship with Gigi & Bella to get her way?

Kendall Jenner‘s romantic time with Anwar Hadid,18, may very well be over and it’s all because she reportedly had no intention on getting serious. In fact, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star may have just wanted to get close to Anwar to make Ben Simmons, 21, whom she’s also gotten close to, jealous and Anwar’s sisters, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are not too happy about it! “It’s starting to seem like Kendall was just using Anwar to make Ben jealous,” a source close to the Hadids EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She was so hot with him at first making all these promises and now she’s gone cold on him. He’s a very sensitive guy, he’s feeling confused and used. His sisters are very protective of him and will not stand for Kendall playing him like this, they’re not happy with her. They love Kendall but family comes first and she’s really risking her friendship with Bella and Gigi by doing this.”

Eek! It sure sounds like things are getting rocky between Kendall and the Hadids. Before Kendall was seen smooching Anwar, she went on several dates with Ben and reunited with him again after the smooch so what exactly is going on?! Is Kendall truly trying to make Ben want her even more or is she simply having fun with a little casual dating? We’re not so sure but Anwar doesn’t seem to appreciate it either way!

Kendall’s two men in question made headlines when they both showed up to the same club at the same time. While Anwar looked excited to be there, Ben reportedly looked tense but this was before Ben’s reunion with Kendall so perhaps it was only a matter of time before his upset attitude turned into gratitude. It will definitely be interesting to see where things go from here.

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