Khloe Kardashian’s Video Of True Sneezing Will Make Your Heart Grow A Hundred Sizes

True Thompson is a heckin’ cute baby, so color me pleased whenever her parents and family share photos and videos of her. The latest adorable installment of the digital baby True memory book is Khloé Kardashian’s video of True sneezing. Now, Kardashian has shared a video of True sneezing before and it was heckin’ cute/hard to beat, but this new one shows so much of the 1-year-old’s personality that my heart is melting.

True Thompson celebrated her first birthday over the weekend. While things were definitely, undeniably, palpably awkward between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, little baby True was still adorable, and the entire party looked like a glammed up dream. Both of True’s parents gushed over their little one on their Instagrams on True’s birthday, April 12, and again a couple of days later during her birthday party.

"Happy birthday my sweet True!! You are my ultimate True love!" Kardashian said in her Instagram post for True’s birthday. "I am honored and so thankful to be your mommy! Today and until the end of time, I love you!! We have forever."

"True-ly Perfect My baby girl is one today," Thompson posted on his Instagram. "Man time goes by soo fast but i’m loving every minute of it. Can’t wait for us to sit home all day and watch lion king and paw patrol lol. ❤️❤️❤️ #MyTwin."

And now, as if we haven’t gotten enough cute True Thompson content in the last week, Kardashian shared a video of True playing with a phone filter and sneezing.

She’s so freaking cute!! I just wanna squeeze her!!

Bless you, little angel baby child. I can’t get over how cute True is trying to laugh off that sneeze in the video. She’s just like, "Oh, what was that? I sneezed? LOL, don’t worry about that! Look at how cute I am with blonde hair!" You’re right, True! You are cute!

And may I remind you all of the time Kardashian shared a video of infant True sneezing?

UGHHHHHH. Let’s move on to some more adorable True Thompson content.

Exhibit A: TRUE-ly can’t get enough of Khloé K’s birthday post for her daughter.

Look at that smiley baby!

Exhibit B: Tristan Thompson’s birthday post for True was just as great.

Thank you very much, flamingo outfit!

And don’t even get me started on the photos from True’s first birthday party.

All of the Kardashian-Jenner’s posts for True’s birthday were so sweet, as well.

Like Auntie Kim’s, for example. Kim Kardashian posted a handful of photos of her, True, Kanye, and Chicago West together and said,

And Auntie Kylie’s post was equally adorable. She posted a photo of True and Stormi (who are only two months apart in age) embracing and said,

Give me ALL of the True Thompson content!

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