Killing Eve fans swoon over the glamorous hitwoman’s stylish wardrobe

‘Is it too late to train as an assassin?’ Killing Eve fans swoon over the glamorous hitwoman’s VERY stylish wardrobe as the show finally arrives on British TV – and some admit they’ve binged the whole series already

  • Jodie Comer stars as the psychotic Russian assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve
  • She stars alongside Grey’s Anatomy actress Sandra Oh in the BBC thriller
  • The entire series has been released on BBC iPlayer which fans have binged
  • Viewers have become obsessed with Jodie’s portrayal of the glamorous killer 

Forget Bodyguard, another new BBC thriller has viewers hooked – Killing Eve. 

It stars Doctor Foster’s Jodie Comer as the glamorous but psychotic trained assassin Villanelle, a highly trained killer who criss-crosses the globe carrying out her Russian paymasters’ deadly assignments, and has captured the attention of a bored, deskbound MI5 operative. 

Having been broadcast first in the US to critical acclaim, the first episode finally aired on the BBC on Saturday night – and many fans have confessed to devouring all eight episodes, which were made available on iPlayer at the weekend, already.

The fast-paced ‘feminist spy thriller’, from Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has had fans gushing over the ‘superb’ cast and Villanelle’s fashion-forward designer wardrobe – while others joked that she made life as an assassin look appealing. 

‘Oh the couture, the apartment, the travel opportunities, the fabulous pre-murder one-liners – is it too late to retrain as an international assassin?’ one viewer tweeted.  

Doctor Foster’s Jodie Comer plays the villainous Villanelle – a glamorous but psychotic Russian assassin who travels Europe hunting targets and taking joy in killing them 

Viewers who have binged on the entire series in one go have become obsessed with Jodie’s character joking that they wished they wished they could reconsider their career options to become an assassin 

‘Why was assassin never an option from careers advice at school? I got park ranger…’ joked another. 

A third confidently said: ‘100% sure that my dream job is an assassin.’

Killing Eve follows MI5 operative Eve Polastri, played by Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy fame, after she is assigned by her boss Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) to track the psychotic Villanelle, ultimately becoming captivated by her target.

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But when Villanelle realises she’s being watched she becomes equally fixated upon Eve.  

The two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game – falling in ‘espionage love’ as writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge puts it – that takes them all over Europe.

Villanelle has a weakness for designer fashion and is often seen swanning about in Chanel or Dior, and is able to seduce Eve with offers of a similar wardrobe. 

Fans enraptured by the female leads and their quick wit have heaped praised on the show after binge-watching the entire series.

Viewers have heaped praise on the espionage series and have revealed that they have already watched the entire eight-part thriller 

Villanelle is a Russian killer tasked with taking out certain targets around Europe, and she has a special knack for getting the job done without being detected 

It’s the job of bored, deskbound MI5 operative Eve Polastri, played by Sandra Oh, to track her down but she ends up becoming a little too interested in her target in the cat and mouse game

Eve’s close friends and family all become a target in the series and she has to fight to find Villanelle before it’s too late 

Forget Bodyguard viewers are engrossed in the show and have been tweeting their reactions after watching the series, that has helped Sandra Oh achieve and Emmy nomination

‘Killing Eve is brilliant. That’s a phenomenal opening episode,’ gushed another fan.

‘And we binged all of Killing Eve. All of it. Done. Gone. Woooooow,’ added one.

The BBC America series, made by a UK production company, with a mainly British cast and has been filmed in London and Europe already debuted in America five months ago.

Sandra Oh has been nominated for best actress at this year’s Emmys and a second series is filming now. 

Killing Eve is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now 

All the murders are all coolly executed by Villanelle and she doesn’t seem to have any compassion until it comes to Eve – they become equally enamoured by each other

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