Kim Jong Un's Secret Nuclear War Hideout Is Stocked With This 1 Thing

Nuclear war is a hot topic of discussion — and we’re all a little concerned about what the future holds. What would happen if our country went to war with the formidable Kim Jong Un? And how would North Korea protect itself from our intimidatingly well-trained military?

It seems Kim Jong Un is well-prepared for the possibility of war, as he even has a secret hideout planned. And of course, his hidden bunker is well-stocked with one of his favorite things of all time. Here’s what we know.

Kim Jong Un has disappeared from the public eye in the past

Despite a busy public schedule, Kim Jong Un likes to stay elusive. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

The North Korean leader pulls disappearing acts from time to time already — and perhaps it’s to prepare for possible warfare in the future. The Daily Star reports Kim Jong Un removed himself from the public eye for two weeks in July 2017. This seemed odd to the citizens, considering Kim is often visiting farms and factories.

It was also during this absence that North Korea threatened to slam the U.S. with a “nuclear hammer,” so analysts believe Kim goes into hiding when he’s feeling particularly threatened.

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And his wife is often hidden, too

Ri Sol Ju is largely kept from the public eye. | AFP/Stringer/Getty Images

Kim Jong Un isn’t just fiercely protective of his own health — he’s also concerned for his wife. Ri Sol Ju, North Korea’s secretive first lady, is frequently removed from the public. The first time she disappeared was in 2012, when the public speculated she was dead or pregnant. Others believe Kim demands Ri goes into hiding every so often and she only re-emerges for certain celebrations or talks.

So, where does Ri go? That’s still unknown — but perhaps it’s to Kim’s nuclear hideout.

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Where would North Koreans go in the event of nuclear war? Underground

Pyongyang has a network of underground tunnels. | ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

It seems Pyongyang, North Korea’s largest city, has a deep underground metro system perfect for protection from nuclear warfare. Daily Mail Online reports the city’s network of tunnels run 360 feet below the surface. While they’re typically used to transport commuters, the tunnels would serve as the perfect bunker for the citizens of North Korea to stay in until they could safely escape.

As for Kim, says there are other networks of secret underground tunnels his regime can hide in. And some experts believe killing him would be even more difficult than tracking down Bin Laden.

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South Korea is training to kill Kim Jong Un if necessary

South Korea has a missile that can penetrate Kim’s bunkers. | JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

Kim may have his bunker, but South Korea doesn’t seem too concerned. Business Insider reports South Korea designed a missile that can actually reach Kim in an underground bunker. They tested the new weaponry in August 2017 and were able to vaporize a dummy.

In regards to the missile, the South Korean president said its purpose is to “counter possible North Korean missile attacks,” so the country won’t be attacking the North unprovoked. Even so, it seems multiple countries are preparing to take any necessary action.

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The 1 thing his hideout’s stocked with: Cheese

Kim has an unhealthy love of cheese. | Ozgur Coskun/iStock/Getty Images Plus

This dairy product is one of Kim Jong Un’s favorite foods of all time. reports Kim Jong Un is likely to hide away with plenty of emmental, a Swiss cheese he’s particularly fond of. It’s believed he discovered his love for this cheese back when he studied in Switzerland. And he’s eaten so much of this product in the past that he’s had to remove himself from the public eye.

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Kim Jong Un’s love of cheese is a serious threat to his health

Kim has developed health issues because of his extravagant diet. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

Kim loves the finer things in life — and it’s already giving him a number of health issues. He loves his cheese — but also frequently indulges in cured meats, expensive liquors, and cigarettes.

All of Kim’s indulgences have led to his development of diabetes, high blood pressure, and gout, and his weight is also a huge concern. Reports say Kim has become so large in the past that he developed a cyst on his ankle, which he had to have removed. And that’s likely just the beginning of the issues the leader may face if he doesn’t change his ways.

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While he lives his lavish lifestyle, the rest of his country starves

Many North Koreans starve while Kim lives in the lap of luxury. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

Business Insider reports North Korea scored 28.6 on the Global Hunger Index in 2016, indicating the country is in dire straights when it comes to food supply. According to The World Food Programme, 70% of the country is “food insecure,” and malnourishment is a huge issue. This doesn’t seem to bother Kim, however, as he’s still importing millions of dollars worth of booze and luxury goods for him and his regime.

If nuclear war were to break out, this would surely impact Kim’s ability to get his hands on his favorite luxuries, however. Nuclear winter would greatly impact crop production worldwide — and he may even feel the effects of starvation.

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The country may have a cannibalism problem

One report claims starving North Koreans resort to cannibalism. | KNS/AFP/Getty Images

Separating fact from fiction is becoming increasingly difficult when it comes to North Korea. But as The Huffington Post notes, a report from Asiapress news agency claimed starvation was so bad in the country that people were resorting to cannibalism. Journalists who talked to local residents claimed trading human meat was more commonplace than you think, with reports of one man being executed for trying to sell human flesh as pork.

It seems Kim Jong Un’s obsession with building nuclear missiles is leaving the rest of the country in a horrible food shortage, Newsweek reports. And he’s certainly not giving up his lavish lifestyle to help this problem anytime soon.

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Kim Jong Un’s true mental state

His mental health might be suffering. | KNS/AFP/Getty Images

Kim Jong Un may seem like a crazy tyrant, but CNN reports top officials from the CIA say Kim is far from being a madman. The officials say Kim is motivated to keep his regime alive and well, and he acts rationally in accordance with his goals. As deputy assistant director Yong Suk Lee says, “Waking up one morning and deciding he wants to nuke” Los Angeles wouldn’t be characteristic of something he might do.

But just because Kim isn’t a madman doesn’t mean he’s not a violent dictator. He maintains his power by being confrontational and mercilessly getting rid of those who threaten his rule. The good news is Kim isn’t likely to act out on impulse or emotion — but the bad news is he’s still ruthless, even to his own people.

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North Korea tied with Somalia for the most corrupt country in the world

He only knows a life of corruption. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

Somalia has taken the prize for the most corrupt country for the past 10 years, but North Korea’s giving it a run for its money, CNBC reports. The way the country makes money may have something to do with this corruption, too. CNN reports bank hacking has become a large source of revenue for Kim Jong Un and his regime, and there’s also forced labor for industries like mining, logging, and construction.

Because of Kim Jong Un’s ongoing tyrannical ways, the British Medical Bulletin suggests the ruler himself may actually feel as if the violence and corruption in his country are totally acceptable and normal. And the citizens, of course, are put through great psychological distress.

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