Kim K ‘Terrified’ For Kanye’s Life After Crips Put Hit On Him: ‘Her Anxiety Is Through The Roof’

Kanye West’s controversial comments has upset so many people that he’s being threatened by the gang Crips. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why the threat has Kim Kardashian wanting Kanye to lay low! 

These days, it’s hard to find a person who isn’t upset with Kanye West. Since rejoining Twitter, Kanye has made a plethora of controversial statements including his support of Donald Trump. However, things for him took a dark turn when he suggested that slavery was a “choice.” during an interview with TMZ Live on May 1. In response, rapper Daz Dillinger is calling for “all the Crips out there, y’all f**k Kanye up.” And although Kanye reportedly increased his security team as a result, his wife Kim Kardashian is still pretty shaken up. “Kim’s anxiety is through the roof right now, it was already bad, but the threat on Kanye’s life has made it a million times worse,” a source close to Kim tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. How scary!

“She’s literally terrified for her husband’s life now. Having the kind of hit put out is really, really scary, and she’s taking it seriously. If it were up to Kim they would stay behind the gates of the compound right now, but Kanye refuses to run and hide. He’s insisting they continue life as usual. He’s agreed to more security, but that’s about it. Poor Kim doesn’t know what else she can do, this is agony for her,” our source continued. We can certainly understand Kim’s concern considering everything she’s been through with her Paris robbery in 2016.

As we previously told you, Kanye had no idea he would get so much backlash for expressing himself. “Yeah people believe in you and they see you in a certain way and they support you and you support someone who goes directly against them– like, you supporting the enemy,” T.I. explained during an interview with The Breakfast Club about his conversation with Kanye. “So, you think how they feel? He goes like, ‘No, I didn’t think about that,’” T.I. continued. We can only hope this all blows over for the sake of Kim and their family.

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