Kim Kardashian Livid Over Wendy Williams’ Body-Shaming Of Kanye West: She’s A ‘Hypocrite’

Don’t mess with Yeezy, because you’ll have to deal with Kim Kardashian! Kim’s ‘furious’ over Wendy Williams’ attack on Kanye about his weight! She says Wendy needs to ‘get a conscience and some integrity!’

Kim Kardashian, 37, and Kris Jenner, 62, are fed up with the constant attacks on Kanye West, 40, about his weight and mental state, especially when it comes to Wendy Williams, 53. “Kim is upset over Wendy‘s most recent horrible comments about Kanye‘s weight. She thinks Wendy is a hypocrite who is totally bodyshaming Kanye,” a source close to the Kardashian family tells EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s sad to Kim that Wendy feels it’s OK to attack Kanye‘s body because he is a man. Wendy would never do that a woman.”

And, momma Kris is on the same page. “She thinks Wendy needs to get a conscience, have some integrity, and Kim agrees,” the insider says. “Kris wishes Wendy would find a healthier way to entertain her audience rather than spreading negative energy about Kanye‘s appearance and his mental state.” Kim and Kris are fed up in general over Wendy’s “relentless attacks” on their entire family day in and day out, the source adds.

If you didn’t tune into The Wendy Williams Show on April 26, then you missed her roast of Yeezy, which included her dissecting a recent photo of him, blasting the rapper for an apparent weight gain. Wendy called Kanye a “mess” who has “fatty knock knees” and needs a “breast reduction.” She also compared him to Rob Kardashian, 31, who’s been struggling with his weight for years. The talk show host also slammed Yeezy, admitting that she believes he has mental health issues after his latest Twitter rants endorsing President Donald Trump. 71.

Before Kanye, Wendy had made Kylie Jenner, 20, the center of her roasts during the Hot Topics segment of her daytime talk show, which is why Kris has had it. Just recently, Wendy claimed Kylie’s too young to be a mother, on top of her constant comments that Travis Scott, 25, is going to leave her and their child, Stormi Webster.

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