Is Kim Kardashian Panicking Over Claims Drake Could ‘End’ Kanye West’s Career? Why She’s ‘Worried’

Kim Kardashian heard about Drake’s plans to release a diss track about her husband, and she’s going back and forth between being worried sick, and telling the haters to buzz off!

Drake‘s plans to release a diss track about Kanye West were scrapped…but what if he decides to release it later? Kim Kardashian‘s standing by her man no matter what! “Kim is human, so obviously she has times where she worries about what secrets Kanye could have, and she fears what could be said about her husband,” a Kardashian insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But she doesn’t let herself dwell there. The bottom line is that she trusts Kanye and she’s not going to let nasty rumors get in her head or hurt her marriage.”

She has a few ideas about why this Drake diss is coming out of nowhere: haters are jealous that he just released an awesome new album, “so of course [they are] reaching for ways to drag him down,” the insider explained. “As far as [Kim’s] concerned, the haters can all go to hell.”

Tell ’em! As HollywoodLife told you previously, Rap-A-Lot Records CEO James Prince convinced Drake to stand down in his feud with Pusha T and shelf the track that said something seriously damaging about Kanye, though we don’t know what. “He was definitely cocked and loaded and wasn’t anything good was going to come out of this, because me hearing the ingredients that he would have used would have ended Kanye’s career and would have crippled Pusha,” he told TMZ. “It was going to cause pain so…we’re not in business to destroy and hurt people’s family with this type of pig pen mentality.”

While Kim’s understandably worried about that threat, she’s also applauding her husband for not attacking Drake. “Kim fully supports Kanye and she’s proud of him for handling this feud in a mature way. He could have taken all sorts of shots at Drake, but he chose not to,” the insider said.

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