King Charles, 73, and Princess Anne, 72, are praised by Royal fans

King Charles, 73, and Princess Anne, 72, are praised by Royal fans for ‘remaining on their feet’ and working long days across the UK as they step up to honour their late mother

  • Prince Charles, 73, and Princess Anne, have put a brave face on their grief
  • The siblings have endured long days of public service to pay respects to Queen
  • Princess Royal is expected to accompany her mother’s coffin down to London
  • Meanwhile King Charles has already begun royal visits as he ascends the throne 
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Royal fans have praised the Queen’s oldest children, King Charles and Princess Anne, for being ‘on the go’ since their mother the Queen passed away last week.

Since the Queen’s death on Thursday, the Royal Family has rallied around to support one another and ensure the late monarch’s legacy is upheld.

Meanwhile the new King Charles has travelled around the country attending ceremonial services to ensure the succession is as smooth a process as possible.

In particular the Queen’s eldest children, King Charles and Princess Anne have taken leading roles in the processions as their mother’s coffin travels around the country before Her late Majesty lies in state in London ahead of the funeral on Monday.

King Charles, 73, and his sister Princess Anne, 72, have remained stoic and committed to their royal duties as they pay their respects to their late mother 

King Charles and his siblings were pictured looking emotional as they surrounded their late mother’s coffin at the Vigil of Princess on Monday night

Charles, 73, is the oldest monarch ever to ascend the throne, and at 72-years-old, the Princess Royal has remained stoic in her grief.

Monday night saw the Queen’s eldest children along with Prince Andrew, 62, and Prince Edward, 58, attend a ‘Vigil of the Princes’ inside St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, where they stood surrounding their mother’s coffin.

Earlier that day the Princess Royal and King Charles marched behind the Queen’s coffin as it left the Palace of Holyroodhouse and travelled 1,200 yards to the Cathedral, where she will lie in rest until tomorrow, when she is flown to London.

On Twitter, Tracy Edwards MBE, a sailor, noted that the Queen’s children had been ‘on the go’ since 5am yesterday morning, on their feet for much of the day to take part in the procession and pay their respects to their mother at the vigil.

King Charles and Princess Anne marched behind their mother’s coffin with their younger siblings, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, as it headed to St Giles’ Cathedral

Following a 170-mile journey to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the coffin rested overnight in the oak-panelled throne room (Pictured: The Princess Royal and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence on Sunday)

Many will point out that, even into their seventies, King Charles and Princess Anne have remained utterly commited to their royal duties.

The Queen’s two eldest children, who are believed to have been by her bedside when she passed away at Balmoral, have been exceptionally busy since her death.

On Sunday, Princess Anne was spotted showing rare emotion as she followed the hearse carrying her mother’s coffin from the Aberdeenshire Estate to the Palace og Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, a six hour journey. 

Following on from her attendance in yesterday’s procession as she accompanied her mother’s coffin to the Cathedral, she became the first woman ever to take part in the ‘Vigil of the Princes’. 

She is also expected to follow her mother’s coffin down to London on Wednesday where the late Queen will lie in state until her funeral on Monday.

Meanwhile the new King has put a brave face on his grief to ensure his ascension to the throne remains smooth.

Just a day after his mother passed away King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, 75, flew from Aberdeen to London where he met with well-wishers outside Buckingham Palace that evening, before making his first address to the nation.

The new monarch honoured his mother in his speech as he vowed to serve his subjects with ‘loyalty, respect and love’.

The following morning he and the Queen Consort attended St James’s Palace where the Accession Council met to formalise the new King’s accession to the throne. There, he signed an oath to uphold the Church of England and addressed the Council.

Once the ceremony had concluded, the King flew back to Scotland where he joined the Princess Royal, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward to march behind their mother’s coffin as it made its way to St Giles’ Cathedral and attend the Vigil of Princes.

Today the King has travelled to Belfast, where he and the Queen Consort will attend a number of royal engagements.

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