Kittens belonging to rare cat breed look like adorable werewolves

A woman has shared photos of her kittens, who belong to a rare cat breed and look like tiny werewolves. 

Dorota Strychar, 36, from Legnica, Poland, is a breeder of Lykoi cats, who are often likened to werewolves.

Dorota says she is the first breeder of Lykoi cats in Poland and welcomed her first litter in October 2017. 

She has since been sharing photos of dozens of adorable kittens and gaining thousands of followers online. 

Dorota said that, despite their looks, Lykois are actually very playful and happy felines. 

When Lykoi cats are young, they look similar to the hairless Sphynx cat but don’t share a relation.

DNA testing has been done by the University of California Davis to confirm that Lykoi cats do not carry the Sphynx or Devon Rex – cats that are tall-eared and short-haired – gene.

The Lykoi is a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair. The mutation is fairly new and has occurred in domestic cats over the last 20 years.

Dorota said: ‘Lykoi are very active cats, they need lots of attention from their owners, they are cheerful and playful cats.

‘They are not difficult to keep, but they want to have a relationship with the owner and they need a lot of food because of how active they are.

 ‘I am also a breeder of Russian Blue cats and they are great together.’

Dorota says she is currently keeping four adult Lykois and six kittens that she sells at around £2,000 each. 

One user commented on one of Dorota’s photos, saying: ‘These kittens are sweet and adorable.’

Another one said: ‘They look like they come from another planet, incredible!’

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