What a Klassy pad! Inside Myleene’s £3 million luxury mansion

Now that’s a Klass-y pad! TV star Myleene shares glimpses of her luxury London mansion with fans – from the on-trend velvet sofas to a music room and a VERY luxurious bathroom

  • Myleene Klass, 40, shares glimpses of her lavish eight bedroom home in London
  • Family home features an expansive kitchen and a well-appointed music room
  • Left fans exclaiming over a snap of her decadent bathroom this week   

As a businesswoman, singer, model, fashion designer, musician and mother-of-two, Myleene Klass has a lot of strings to her bow.

So it comes as no surprise that the fruits of her labour include a palatial home to be proud of.

Myleene, 40, often shares glimpses of her family home – which she shares with daughters Ava, 10, and Hero, seven – on Instagram, offering a sneak peek of the on-trend interiors. 

This week she left fans exclaiming over her enormous, sunny bathroom with French-inspired vintage look mirrors, a stylish cast-iron radiator, a free-standing tub and a dazzling chandelier, when she shared a snap of her enjoying a morning stretch with one of her girls. 

It comes after the star posted other glimpses of her stunning home, from a music room in which the trained pianist practices with her daughters, to a chic bar cart in the living area and an enormous master bed.  

The star is said to have amassed an £11 million fortune as a businesswoman, singer, model, fashion designer, musician

Myleene Klass, 40, has given her Instagram followers a sneak peak into her lavish London mansion, which reportedly has eight bedrooms

The luxurious property has its own music room where Myleene practises with daughters Ava, 10, and Hero, seven

Myleene is worth a reported £11 million, and has invested some of her hard-earned money in a luxury London eight-bedroom house, according to The Sun.  

The swanky pad has featured prominently on the star’s Instagram feed, where her fans can see snippets of the period features, modern interiors and stylish furniture. 

Myleene’s bathroom alone features several key interior trends – including the cast iron radiator painted in a chic dark grey.

Similar models from the Old Radiator Company cost upwards of £500, while a cast-iron free-standing bath in the style Myleene’s from Victorian Plumbing is around £700. 

In her living room she has a contemporary blue crushed velvet sofa, which she previously posed in front of for an impromptu work out on an exercise bike in her underwear and a pair of stiletto sandals.

Another lounge area, connected to the cosy family kitchen by double doors, is home to another trendy velvet sofa, a Moroccan-inspired rug, and that modern must-have – a bar cart.  

Myleene’s kitchen stylish white tiles, wooden floorboads and mismatched counters in brown and grey with marble surfaces

She often shares snaps of her daughters in their lavish family home enjoying dinners, playing games and reading bedtime stories

Myleene’s own bedroom is sutiably chic and features a huge bed with a muted wooden headboard and grey walls

Myleene’s kitchen has been decorated with stylish white subway tiles, distressed wooden floorboads and blue units with sleek marble worktops.

The mother-of-two has also installed a music room, and has shared photos of the family practising together at the piano, or herself strumming away on a harp.  

Myleene even has a her own harp and often posts videos of herself playing the instrument on her Instagram page

Hero’s bedroom has her name emblazoned on the wall in gold letters and decorated with a garland of pink flowers

The girls are learning the piano and cello respectively and are often captured playing along with their mum, who plays the piano, violin and harp, to name just a few.

Hero and Ava can also run around in a substantial garden, which has been kitted out with a rustic wooden swing set and playful toadstools.  

Inside, their bedrooms are just as inviting – a snap of Hero’s reveals her name emblazoned on the wall in gold letters, decorated with a garland of pink flowers.  

Her bedroom has been decorated in contemporary shades of grey and often features in the background of Myleene’s sizzling selfies

 Myleene even has her own minibar in the form of a chic white table stacked with hoards of bottles of booze

She recently revealed how she keeps fit by exericisng at home three of four times a week in her own personal gym

In the past Myleene has shared intimate snaps of their family Christmases; Hero and Ava leaving treats for Father Christmas in front of an elaborate fireplace or the star decorating an enormous tree.

A common theme in Myleene’s snaps is her workouts, as she recently revealed to Fit & Well magazine that she works out in her living room three or four times a week.

She said: ‘Getting up off the sofa is the biggest battle. You think, ‘Tomorrow’s fine!’ and then you think, “No!” But once you’re up, you’re up. Afterwards, I feel really good. I think my attitude towards exercise has changed.

‘Before, it was something I had to get out of the way. But now I see it as something that’s incorporated in my life. I feel like I have better abs than I’ve ever had in my life. But I didn’t want the workouts to be unachievable. I like having my curves too.’ 

The girls often feature in the snaps as Myleene shows her life juggling her many different jobs with being a mother-of-two

Hero and Ava have their very own jungle gym in the back garden complete with a swing set and even a slide

Every year she shares a snap of Hero and Ava putting down some treats for Father Christmas at an elaborate fireplace

In another sitting room done in a brown and beige colour scheme she posed with lamps and pillows from her own homeware range

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