Kris Jenner Steals The Show As The ‘Cool Mom’ In Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Video

She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom! Kris Jenner portrayed the mom from ‘Mean Girls’ in Ariana Grande’s new music video, & it’s the best thing you’ll watch all day.

Kris Jenner, 63, deserves an Emmy for this one. The every day momager to the Kardashians played the role of a different mom in Ariana Grande’s latest music video. Kris FLAWLESSLY portrayed the “cool mom” from Mean Girls for Ariana’s “Thank U, Next” video, which dropped on Nov. 30. While the clip boasted a ton of celebrity guest appearances, Kris’ acting skills truly stole the show. In the visual, Kris whips out her video camera, and gleefully records Ariana and her friends dancing onstage JUST like the mom from the original movie did. Clad in a pink velour tracksuit, Kris played the role perfectly, and we have to say, Ariana killed it with the casting for this one.

Fans instantly freaked out after catching wind of the cameo from Kris, and they took to Twitter to rave over her performance! “I don’t know what’s more iconic: Kris Jenner in the thank u next video or Kris Jenner wearing a pink Juicy sweatsuit,” one wrote. “THE ROLE KRIS JENNER WAS BORN TO PLAY. KIM WALKED SO THAT KRIS COULD DANCE,” another excitedly said. Some even thought that Kris deserved an award for her acting chops! “Kris Jenner for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars,” one tweeted. Watch Kris slay her scene from the “Thank U, Next” video below!

The “Thank U, Next” music video is basically our early 2000’s dreams come to life! Ari channeled ALL the most iconic movies from the era, including Legally Blonde, Bring It On, and 13 Going on 30. At one point, she looks exactly like Elle Woods in an all pink ensemble, and her portrayal of Regina George was spot on! The most notable part of the video just might be Ari’s reference to her ex, Pete Davidson. The singer scribbled “Sorry I dipped Pete” in her burn book in the clip, and fans could not get over the scene.

I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. thank u, next. ? #LinkinBio #ThankUNextBitch #arianagrande #proudmama @arianagrande #thankunextvideo

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If you need us, we’ll be watching this scene on repeat. Ariana’s new video is easily the standout music video of the year, and no, that’s not up for debate. As Kris says in the end of the video: “Thank U, Next B**CH.”

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