LA Clippers DeAndre Jordan Reveals Which Team He’s Rooting For In The NBA Finals

Who ya got!? Cavs or Warriors?! Well, DeAndre Jordan revealed to HollywoodLife if he was rooting for a specific team in the NBA Finals and his response may surprise you!

While DeAndre Jordan‘s LA Clippers are not in the NBA Finals, he loves watching his friends on other teams make it further into the tournament. In fact, DeAndre is such a loyal friend, he won’t pick a champion! “I’m not rooting for anybody!” He told exclusively, while promoting Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. “I’m biased. I have friends on all the teams so I don’t really want to root for one team. I think that’d be weird because my team isn’t in this so I don’t want to root for anybody.” DeAndre added, “I’m excited to see the games and see what happens!”

The 29-year-old Center who joined the Clippers in 2008 has been stuck in the trade rumor mill, but his only focus is preparing for next season. “I took some time off to get my mind and body right, just to kind of heal up,” he said. “I’ve started at working out a little bit. At the beginning I do stuff like little to no impact lifting and cardio stuff. Then I’ll ease my way back into it during basketball training and work on my craft. But I’m really excited to get back in the gym and work and develop and become better and stronger for next year.”

DeAndre also admits he’s spending his time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which he is currently promoting with football star Juju Smith-SchusterKarl-Anthony Towns, Todd Gurley and Ashley Cole. DeAndre challenged his teammate Boban Marjanović to play the video gam against him, saying, “the European trash talk would be pretty funny.” Haha!

The NBA Finals are currently going on, with LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers and Curry’s Golden State Warriors going head to head! While DeAndre may not be rooting for anyone, we’re following every game here at HollywoodLife, so be sure to check in for the latest updates!

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